Roy Washburne Wastcoat

M, #25984
     Roy Washburne Wastcoat married Mary Abbie Mulliken.

Child of Roy Washburne Wastcoat and Mary Abbie Mulliken

Elizabeth Waterhouse1

F, #14408
     Elizabeth Waterhouse married Joseph Lathrop, son of John Lathrop and Ruth Royce.1

Child of Elizabeth Waterhouse and Joseph Lathrop


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May F. Waterhouse1

F, #24089, b. circa 1884
     May F. Waterhouse was born circa 1884 in Louisiana.2 She married Stephen A. Sewall, son of Dr. Joseph Addison Sewall and Ann Edwards Foss, on 25 June 1913 in Manhattan, New York.1


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Samuel J. Waterhouse1

M, #21985
     Samuel J. Waterhouse married Mary A. Neal.1

Child of Samuel J. Waterhouse and Mary A. Neal


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Abigail Waterman

F, #13204
     Abigail Waterman married Kenelm Winslow.

Child of Abigail Waterman and Kenelm Winslow

Caroline A. Waterman1,2

F, #10241
     Caroline A. Waterman married Harvey T. Cole.1

Child of Caroline A. Waterman and Harvey T. Cole


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Emily Waterman1

F, #6419, b. 1805
     Emily Waterman was born in 1805.1 She married Joel Dimick, son of Joel Dimick and Sarah Wood.1


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Dorothy Waters or Hoald1

F, #11224, d. 1674
     Dorothy Waters or Hoald married Jonathan Prescott on 3 August 1670 in Lancaster.1 Dorothy Waters or Hoald died in 1674.1


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Abigail Waters1

F, #6702, b. 29 November 1683
     Abigail Waters was born on 29 November 1683 in Medford, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Samuel Waters. Abigail Waters married Aaron Cleveland, son of Aaron Cleveland and Dorcas Wilson, on 1 January 1702 in Woburn, Massachusetts.1

Child of Abigail Waters and Aaron Cleveland


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Alec Waters1

M, #21208, d. before 1985
     Alec Waters married Dora Bernice Sewall, daughter of Albert Defiance Sewall and Dora Randina Belseth.1 Alec Waters died before 1985.


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Freeborn G. Waters1,2

M, #16645, d. before 1870
     Freeborn G. Waters died before 1870.2

Child of Freeborn G. Waters


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Julia Elizabeth Waters1

F, #1369, b. 29 September 1826, d. 25 December 1910
     Julia Elizabeth Waters was born on 29 September 1826 in Maryland.2,3 She was the daughter of Freeborn G. Waters.1 Julia Elizabeth Waters married Rev. Thomas Sewall, son of Dr. Thomas Sewall and Mary Choate, on 19 November 1844 in Baltimore, Maryland.4 Julia Elizabeth Waters died on 25 December 1910 in Baltimore, Maryland, at the age of 84.5

Children of Julia Elizabeth Waters and Rev. Thomas Sewall


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Richard Gifford Waters

M, #25989
     Richard Gifford Waters married Grace Bilton.

Richard Palmer Waters

M, #23769, b. 27 February 1869, d. 3 September 1944
     Richard Palmer Waters. A Boston wool merchant.1 He was born on 27 February 1869 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.2 He was the son of Robert Henry Waters. Richard Palmer Waters married Mabel Atherton Sewall, daughter of George P[erkins] Sewall and Sarah Ann Atherton, on 2 November 1897 in Boston, Massachusetts.3 Richard Palmer Waters died on 3 September 1944 in Cohasset, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, at the age of 75.4

Child of Richard Palmer Waters and Mabel Atherton Sewall


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Lt. Cdr. Richard Palmer Waters1

M, #25655, b. 30 December 1911, d. 20 May 1998
     Lt. Cdr. Richard Palmer Waters was born on 30 December 1911 in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Richard Palmer Waters and Mabel Atherton Sewall.1 Lt. Cdr. Richard Palmer Waters died on 20 May 1998 in Portland, Maine, at the age of 86.2


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Robert Henry Waters

M, #24034

Child of Robert Henry Waters

Samuel Waters

M, #15540

Child of Samuel Waters

Helen R. Waterston1

F, #9421, b. 6 January 1841
     Helen R. Waterston was born on 6 January 1841.1 She was the daughter of Rev. Robert Cassie Waterston and Anna Cabot Lowell Quincy.1


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Robert Waterston1

M, #9422, b. May 1845, d. 1847
     Robert Waterston was born in May 1845.1 He was the son of Rev. Robert Cassie Waterston and Anna Cabot Lowell Quincy.1 Robert Waterston died in 1847.1


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Rev. Robert Cassie Waterston1,2

M, #9420, d. 1893
     Rev. Robert Cassie Waterston married Anna Cabot Lowell Quincy, daughter of Hon. Josiah/3 Quincy and Elizabeth Susan Morton, on 21 April 1840 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, (intention dated 31 March 1840.)1,2,3 Rev. Robert Cassie Waterston died in 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts.3

Children of Rev. Robert Cassie Waterston and Anna Cabot Lowell Quincy


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Annie Varnum Watkins

F, #25539
     Annie Varnum Watkins married Sebree Smith.

Child of Annie Varnum Watkins and Sebree Smith

Dorothy Watkins1

F, #20169
     Dorothy Watkins married Frederick William Goldsmith in 1852 in London.1,2


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Capt. Edmund Watmough1

M, #5448
     Capt. Edmund Watmough married Maria Ellis, daughter of Dr. Edward Ellis and Mary Willard, on 30 January 1748/49 in Boston, Massachusetts.1

Child of Capt. Edmund Watmough and Maria Ellis


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James Horatio Watmough

M, #17117, b. 1754, d. 23 January 1811
     James Horatio Watmough. Wealthy Philadelphia merchant and owner of Hope Lodge. He was born in 1754 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the son of Capt. Edmund Watmough and Maria Ellis. James Horatio Watmough married Anna Carmick on 4 March 1784 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.1 James Horatio Watmough died on 23 January 1811 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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Benjamin Marston Watson1

M, #16755, b. March 1780, d. 31 August 1851
     Benjamin Marston Watson was born in March 1780 in Marblehead, Massachusetts.2 He graduated in 1800 from Harvard.2 He married Elizabeth Parsons, daughter of Chief Justice Theophilus Parsons and Elizabeth Greenleaf.1 Benjamin Marston Watson died on 31 August 1851 in Newton at the age of 71.2


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Edith May Watson1

F, #22758
     Edith May Watson married William Frederick Stone.1

Child of Edith May Watson and William Frederick Stone


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Elizabeth Watson1

F, #25278, b. circa 1831
     Elizabeth Watson was born circa 1831 in Crimond, Aberdeenshire.1 She was the daughter of James Watson.1


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James Watson

M, #25277, d. before 1862
     James Watson died before 1862.

Children of James Watson


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James B. Watson1

M, #20875
     James B. Watson married Emma Kirby.1

Child of James B. Watson and Emma Kirby


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Jessie Watson1

F, #21531, b. circa 1832, d. 20 November 1916
     Jessie Watson was born circa 1832 in Crimond, Aberdeenshire.2 She was the daughter of James Watson. Jessie Watson married Edward Ellice Crombie, son of John Crombie and Euphemia Wallace, on 4 February 1862 in East St. Kilda, Victoria, Ausralia.1,3 Jessie Watson was living at Willesden, London, in 1911 with her daughter and son-in-law.4 She died on 20 November 1916 in Willesden, Middlesex.5,6

Children of Jessie Watson and Edward Ellice Crombie


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