Abigail Titcomb Sewall1

F, #12932, b. 4 April 1823, d. 18 September 1824
     Abigail Titcomb Sewall was born on 4 April 1823.1 She was the daughter of Rev. Jotham Sewall and Rachel Crosby Bradbury.1 Abigail Titcomb Sewall died on 18 September 1824 in Newcastle at the age of 1.1


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Abigail Warren "Abbie" Sewall1,2

F, #26479, b. 5 August 1871, d. 2 February 1940
     Abigail Warren "Abbie" Sewall was born on 5 August 1871 in Portland, Maine.1,3 She was the daughter of Thomas Avery Sewall and Emeline Kehail.1 Abigail Warren "Abbie" Sewall married Henry Townsend on 5 August 1891 in Chelsea, Massachusetts.4 Abigail Warren "Abbie" Sewall died on 2 February 1940 in San Francisco, California, at the age of 683 and is buried in Old Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Placer County, California.5

Children of Abigail Warren "Abbie" Sewall and Henry Townsend


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Abijah (Abigail) Ann Sewall1

F, #23320, d. 15 December 1853
     Abijah (Abigail) Ann Sewall was the daughter of Clement Sewall and Sarah Myers.1 Abijah (Abigail) Ann Sewall married Oliver Thomas Burdett in 1844 in Lackawannock Twp.1 Abijah (Abigail) Ann Sewall died on 15 December 1853 in Jackson County, Iowa.1

Children of Abijah (Abigail) Ann Sewall and Oliver Thomas Burdett


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Ada Sewall1

F, #12748, b. 12 February 1853, d. 8 October 1912
     Ada Sewall was born on 12 February 1853 in Brierwood, Mobile County, Alabama.1,2 She was the daughter of Kiah Bayley Sewall and Lucretia Day.1 In 1883 at the Freehold Young Ladies' Seminary, Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey, she taught botany, English studies, ancient and U.S. history, and the Bible. Her sister Eunice started there as principal at the same time. Ada Sewall died on 8 October 1912 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the age of 59 unmarried.3
Death Certificate for Ada Sewall
Photograph by Picasa 3.0
She was buried on 10 October 1912 in Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine.3,4


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Addie Bittues Sewall1

F, #12880, b. 4 September 1852, d. 4 September 1938
     Addie Bittues Sewall was baptised on 4 September 1852 at Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine.1 She was the daughter of Henry Sewall and Harriet Virginia Smith.2 Addie Bittues Sewall married Arthur Lambard Nichols, son of Dr. H.L. Nichols, on 11 December 1872.3 Addie Bittues Sewall died on 4 September 1938 in Chico, Butte County, California, at the age of 86.4

Children of Addie Bittues Sewall and Arthur Lambard Nichols


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Addie M. Sewall1

F, #18938, b. 6 October 1859, d. 30 January 1928
     Addie M. Sewall was born on 6 October 1859 in Dexter, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Dr. Joseph Addison Sewall and Ann Edwards Foss.1 Addie M. Sewall married Rev. Thomas Jefferson Van Ness, son of Dr. William M. Van Ness and Mary Saladin, on 5 July 1886 in Boulder, Colorado. Addie M. Sewall died on 30 January 1928 in Baltimore, Maryland, at the age of 68.3

Children of Addie M. Sewall and Rev. Thomas Jefferson Van Ness


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Adelyn Eleanor “Ellie” Sewall

F, #26573, b. 4 July 1921, d. 5 June 2015
     Adelyn Eleanor “Ellie” Sewall was born on 4 July 1921 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. She was the daughter of Howard Stoyell Sewall and Dorothea Marie Tait. Adelyn Eleanor “Ellie” Sewall married Benjamin Franklin Langshaw.1 Adelyn Eleanor “Ellie” Sewall and Benjamin Franklin Langshaw were divorced in March 1974 at Contra Costa, California.2 Adelyn Eleanor “Ellie” Sewall died on 5 June 2015 in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, at the age of 93.3


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Agnes Doll Sewall1

F, #15148, b. 18 December 1914, d. December 1985
     Agnes Doll Sewall was born on 18 December 1914 in Bronxville, New York. She was the daughter of Duer Irving Sewall and Bertha Guden Adams.1 Agnes Doll Sewall graduated in June 1936 from Radcliffe College, Harvard University, B.A. She died in December 1985 probably in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.2


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Rev. Albert Cole Sewall D.D.

M, #12943, b. 25 March 1845, d. 5 October 1928
     Rev. Albert Cole Sewall D.D. was born on 25 March 1845 in Bluehill, Maine.1 He was the son of Rev. Jotham Sewall and Anna Baker.2 Rev. Albert Cole Sewall D.D. married Helen S. Ives on 12 January 1871 in South Easton, New York.3 On 26 February 1873 he was installed pastor of the church in Williamstown, the sermon was given by his brother Professor John J. Sewall.4 On 2 February 1887 he was installed as pastor at the Reformed Church, Schenectady, New York.5 Rev. Albert Cole Sewall D.D. appears on the census of 1920 at Brigham Hall, Canandaigua, New York, this was a hospital for the insane, he is listed as an inmate.6 He died on 5 October 1928 in Canandaigua, New York, at the age of 837 and is buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Johnson City, Broome County, New York.8

Child of Rev. Albert Cole Sewall D.D. and Helen S. Ives


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Albert Defiance Sewall

M, #20673, b. 25 January 1860, d. 13 November 1931
     Albert Defiance Sewall was born on 25 January 1860 in Northfield, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.1 He was the son of Horace Porter Sewall and Sarah F. Jackman.2 Albert Defiance Sewall married Dora Randina Belseth, daughter of Casper Arnesen and Johanne Jørgensdatter, on 22 April 1886 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.3 Albert Defiance Sewall died on 13 November 1931 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, at the age of 714 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Medicine Hat, Alberta.5

Children of Albert Defiance Sewall and Dora Randina Belseth


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Albert Edward Sewall1

M, #17229, b. September 1871, d. 14 September 1942
     Albert Edward Sewall was born in September 1871 in Amesbury, Massachusetts.2 He was the son of Joseph Alba Sewall and Jane Anne Muchmore.1 Albert Edward Sewall appears on the census of 1900 at York, Maine, where he is a day labourer living with his parents.1 He married Eliza J. Abernathy on 9 February 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Maine record gives the bride's surname as Anthony.2,3 Albert Edward Sewall and Eliza J. Abernathy appear on the census of 1910 at York, Maine, he is a labourer on a golf links. They are living with his parents.4 Albert Edward Sewall died on 14 September 1942 in Sewall's Hill, York Village, Maine,2 and was buried on 17 September 1942 in First Parish Cemetery, York Village, Maine, after a service at the Methodist church.2,5

For 25 years he was an employee of the York Country Club. For the few years before his death he had worked as gardner and caretaker at several local estates.2

Child of Albert Edward Sewall and Eliza J. Abernathy


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Albert H. Sewall1

M, #15123, b. 10 November 1860, d. 23 February 1862
     Albert H. Sewall was born on 10 November 1860 in Chesterville ?, Franklin County, Maine.1 He was the son of Otis Henry Sewall and Elizabeth Martin.1 Albert H. Sewall died on 23 February 1862 in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine, at the age of 1.1 He is buried in Zion Hill Cemetery, North Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine.2


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Albert MacKenzie (Jock) Sewall1,2

M, #22890, b. 20 July 1914, d. 7 March 2007
     Albert MacKenzie (Jock) Sewall was born on 20 July 1914 in Faith, Alberta.3 He was the son of Clifford Horace Sewall and Alice Bethia McKenzie.1 Albert MacKenzie (Jock) Sewall married Louise Mae Fraser, daughter of Donald William Fraser, on 13 June 1936 in Fort MacLeod.4 Albert MacKenzie (Jock) Sewall died on 7 March 2007 in Brooks, Alberta, at the age of 923 and is buried in Brooks Cemetery, Brooks, Alberta.5

Albert Mackenzie (Jock) Sewall of Brooks, beloved husband of the late Louise Sewall, passed away peacefully in Brooks on March 7th. 2007 at the age of 92 years. Born in Faith, Alberla on July 20th, 1914, Jock received his education in Medicine Hat. He worked at several ranches as a young man, including the V-V Ranch, the 7S Ranch the Kowaki Ranch and later he became a cattle buyer for the Calgary Stockyards. He married Louise Mae Fraser in June of 1936 in Fort MacLeod and that $12.00 wedding bonded them together for 60 years. They moved to Brooks in 1947 and have resided in Brooks since. Jock was a man of many talents, including leather worker, stockman, naturalist, rawhide braider, riverman, rocksmith, storyteller, poker player and gardener. He loved his family, rodeos and all sports. Jock will be remembered as a valued friend and a gracious western gentleman. He had a delightful sense of humour and was able to recognize beauty in all its forms. Jock was predeceased by his wife Louise, grandson Grant Kuz, 2 sisters, Dode Bailey and Betty Lou Morton and a brother Bill (William) Stuart Sewall. Jock is survived by his loving family, five children: Marilyn (Everett) Burk, Donna (Gailen) Neville, Susan (Tony) Minor, Clilf (Joyce) Sewall and Ian (Belty) Sewall; 17 grandchildren; 18 great grandchildren; sister Patricia (Pat) Barnes and numerous nieces and nephews.6


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Albert Newton Sewall1

M, #23835, b. 11 September 1911, d. 11 November 1984
     Albert Newton Sewall was born on 11 September 1911 in Menard, Texas.1,2 He was the son of Epps Hord Sewall Sr. and Josephine Nance.1 Albert Newton Sewall married Reba Evelyn Banta, daughter of Ernest John Banta and Emma Cornelia Mayfield.3 Albert Newton Sewall died on 11 November 1984 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, at the age of 734 and is buried in Oak Rest Cemetery, Medina, Bandera County, Texas.5

Child of Albert Newton Sewall and Reba Evelyn Banta


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Albert Newton Sewall Jr.1

M, #23857, b. 8 January 1940, d. 30 April 1995
     Albert Newton Sewall Jr. was born on 8 January 1940 in Texas.1 He was the son of Albert Newton Sewall and Reba Evelyn Banta.1 Albert Newton Sewall Jr. died on 30 April 1995 in Texas at the age of 55.2


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Albert Walter Sewall1

M, #12622, b. 9 June 1868, d. 9 May 1939
     Albert Walter Sewall was born on 9 June 1868 in Jamaica, Windham County, Vermont.2 He was the son of Lyman Beecher Sewall and Josephine Augusta Harris.3 Albert Walter Sewall married Ora Maud Wood, daughter of Charles Wood and Helen Fairman, on 18 January 1896 in Montague, Massachusetts.4,5 Albert Walter Sewall and Ora Maud Wood appear on the census of 1910 at Fitchburg, Massachusetts, he is a millwright at Crocker Burbank Company where he worked for some 50 years.6,4 Albert Walter Sewall and Ora Maud Wood were divorced. Albert Walter Sewall married secondly Mae Adeline Taylor, daughter of Charles S. Taylor and Addie M. Ferry, on 3 March 1917 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.7 Albert Walter Sewall died on 9 May 1939 in his son Earl's home, at Littleton Road, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, at the age of 708 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Fitchburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts.9,10

Children of Albert Walter Sewall and Ora Maud Wood


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Albert Whittemore Sewall1

M, #17746, b. 31 July 1853, d. 26 April 1939
     Albert Whittemore Sewall was born on 31 July 1853 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of John Stinson Sewall and Amanda Hoppin.1 Albert Whittemore Sewall married firstly Katie H. Spear, daughter of Alfred K. Spear and Nancy M. Thorndike, on 13 October 1875 in Rockland, Maine.2 Albert Whittemore Sewall married secondly Florence May Lerned, daughter of Charles A. Lerned and Juliette C. Varina, on 23 November 1896 in Melrose, Massachusetts.3 Albert Whittemore Sewall married thirdly Helen Augusta Curtis, daughter of Francis Curtis and Mary Jane Lyon, on 3 October 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts.4 Albert Whittemore Sewall died on 26 April 1939 in Melrose, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the age of 85.5
Albert W. Sewall

MELROSE. April 26—Albert W. Sewall, 85, for many years in the insurance business in Boston, died today at his home, 99 West Emerson St. A native of Boston, he was for years a member of the firm of Ide & Sewall, later becoming special agent for the North British & Mercantile Insurance Company and for the past 20 years had been an independent loss adjuster. He was a Mason.
He leaves a son. Harold A. Sewall, and a daughter, Miss Florence Sewall, both of Melrose.5
and is buried in Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.6

Children of Albert Whittemore Sewall and Florence May Lerned


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Albion Franklin Sewall1,2

M, #15462, b. 23 March 1851, d. 20 January 1922
     Albion Franklin Sewall was born on 23 March 1851 in North Newport, Penobscot County, Maine.2,3 He was the son of James Fogg Sewall and Christiana K. Southard.2 Albion Franklin Sewall married Nellie Louise Knowles, daughter of Robert Knowles and Adeline Horne, on 14 June 1879 in Penobscot County, Maine.1 Albion Franklin Sewall and Nellie Louise Knowles appear on the census of 1 June 1880 at Corrina, Penobscot County, Maine, they were living with her parents. Albion's name is given as Albert and he is working as a farm labourer, probably for his father-in-law.4 Albion Franklin Sewall and Nellie Louise Knowles were divorced in April 1889 at Penobscot County, Maine.5 Albion Franklin Sewall died on 20 January 1922 in Bangor State Hospital, Bangor, Maine, at the age of 706 and was buried on 23 January 1922 in Village Cemetery, Corinna, Penobscot County, Maine.6

Children of Albion Franklin Sewall and Nellie Louise Knowles


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Alexander (Lex) H. Noyes Sewall1

M, #21741, b. 28 July 1926, d. 19 August 1995
     Alexander (Lex) H. Noyes Sewall was born on 28 July 1926 in Oneida, New York.2 He was the son of David Herrick Noyes and Charlotte MacCallum Noyes.1 Alexander (Lex) H. Noyes Sewall died on 19 August 1995 probably in Clifton Park, Saratoga, New York, at the age of 692 and is buried in Oneida Community Cemetery, Kenwood, Madison County, New York.1


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Col. Alexander Randolf Sewall1,2

M, #23850, b. 9 April 1900, d. 5 June 1972
     Col. Alexander Randolf Sewall was born on 9 April 1900 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.1,3 He was the son of John Albert Sewall Jr. and Lila Thompson.1 Col. Alexander Randolf Sewall married firstly Phyllis Virginia Golderman, daughter of Phillip S. Golderman, on 8 November 1928 in San Antonio, Texas.4 Col. Alexander Randolf Sewall married secondly Ruth (Blanche) Hamilton on 19 December 1953 in San Francisco, California.5 Col. Alexander Randolf Sewall died on 5 June 1972 in San Francisco, California, at the age of 722 and is buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, California.6

SEWALL, Alexander R. - In San Francisco, June 5, 1972, Col. Alexander R. Sewall, U. S. Army Ret., beloved husband of Ruth H. Sewall, loved father of Mrs. Michael Cornwell, Germany: beloved brother of Mrs. Edwin Blewer. Shreveport, La; graduate of West Point. Class of 1926; a member of the Retired Officers Association; awarded Silver Star and Bronze Star. WWII.7

Child of Col. Alexander Randolf Sewall and Phyllis Virginia Golderman


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Alfred C. Sewall1

M, #22414, b. circa 1839, d. 30 June 1871
     Alfred C. Sewall was born circa 1839 in Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Moses Bartlett Sewall and Mary Ann Perkins.1 Alfred C. Sewall married Martha J. Colby, daughter of Hazen Colby and Lucy D. Peaseley, on 25 April 1867 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.2 Alfred C. Sewall died on 30 June 1871 at 451 Dudley Street, Boston, from chronic inflamation of the liver. He had been a salesman.2


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Alfred Cottingham Sewall1

M, #18981, b. 16 January 1875, d. 20 January 1948
     Alfred Cottingham Sewall was born on 16 January 1875 in Seaford, Sussex, Delaware.2 He was the son of George Ward Sewall and Mary Franklin Cottingham.1 Alfred Cottingham Sewall was baptised on 15 March 1875 at Sussex, Delaware.3 He died on 20 January 1948 in Washington, District of Columbia, at the age of 73.

SEAFORD, Del., Jan. 24 - Funeral services will be held from the Watson Funeral Home, here, this afternoon at 1 o’clock for Alfred Cottingham Sewall, 84. who died in the Gallangher Hospital, Washington. D. C., Thursday.
Mr. Sewall, a native of Seaford, was the son of the late George W. and Mary Cottingham Sewall. He had been living in Washington for several years. Surviving is one sister, Mrs. Ruth Sewall Payne, of Cambridge. Md.
The services will be conducted by the Rev. Otis P. Jefferson, pastor of St. John’s Methodist Church. Interment will be in Odd Fellows Cemetery, this city.4


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Alfred Purinton Sewall1,2

M, #15718, b. 8 August 1848, d. 29 January 1933
     Alfred Purinton Sewall was born on 8 August 1848 in Brownville, Piscataquis County, Maine.3 He was the son of Rev. William Stinson Sewall and Miriam Purinton.1 Alfred Purinton Sewall married Carolyn Louise Shumway, daughter of Franklin P. Shumway and Lucy Howard Howe, on 4 October 1893 in Park Street Church, Boston, Massachusetts.4 Alfred Purinton Sewall and Carolyn Louise Shumway appear on the census of 1900 at Melrose, Massachusetts, together with both mothers-in-law and his sister Rebecca, unmarried. Alfred's mother's name is given as Mary P. Sewall.5 Alfred Purinton Sewall died on 29 January 1933 in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, at the age of 84. The record of his death describes him as a manufacturer of woven wire springs.3


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Alfred S. Sewall1

M, #22066, b. 8 November 1833, d. 5 September 1835
     Alfred S. Sewall was born on 8 November 1833.1 He was the son of Emerson Sawyer Sewall and Patience M. Tarbox.1 Alfred S. Sewall died on 5 September 1835 in Westport at the age of 1.1


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Alice Archer Sewall1

F, #12543, b. 23 August 1870, d. 20 September 1955
     Alice Archer Sewall. Poet and artist. She was born on 23 August 1870 in Glendale, Ohio.2 She was the daughter of Rev. Dr. Franklin Sewall and Thedia Redelia Gilchrist.1 Alice Archer Sewall married John Hough James on 14 June 1894 at New Church, 16th Street, Washington, District of Columbia.3 Alice Archer Sewall died on 20 September 1955 in Columbus, Ohio, at the age of 85 and is buried in Oak Dale Cemetery, Urbana.4

Portrait and still-life painter, illustrator, and poet. The eldest daughter of Frank Sewall, a New Jerusalem minister and first president of Urbana College, she was raised in Urbana (Champaign) and educated privately. She studied in South Kensington, Glasgow, Florence, and Paris and, during the 1890s. with Howard Helmick in Washington, D.C. In 1899 she was married in Washington to John H. James, a lawyer, banker, and builder of the Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad. They settled around 1903 in Urbana, where she wrote verse for The Century, Woman's Home Companion, Cosmopolitan, and other national magazines and designed altarpieces and murals for a number of churches from Massachusetts to California. Toward the end of her life, she moved to Columbus (Franklin). Jeffrey Weidman: Artists in Ohio, 1787-1900: A Biographical Dictionary, p. 451.

Child of Alice Archer Sewall and John Hough James


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Alice Bernice Sewall1,2

F, #26494, b. 10 March 1893, d. August 1974
     Alice Bernice Sewall was born on 10 March 1893 in Newmarket, Merrimack County, New Hampshire.1,2 She was the daughter of Frank Woodbury Sewall and Sarah Elizabeth Evans.1 Alice Bernice Sewall married William Ford Chapman on 6 September 1915 in Newmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.3 Alice Bernice Sewall died in August 1974 in New Hampshire at the age of 81.4 She may have been buried in Riverside Cemetery, Newmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, as her name, Alice B. and the year of her birth appear on her husband's gravestone, there is no additional engraving for her year of death.5

Children of Alice Bernice Sewall and William Ford Chapman


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Alice Coburn Sewall1

F, #6800, b. 27 February 1869, d. 1923
     Alice Coburn Sewall was born on 27 February 1869 in Island Falls, Aroostook County, Maine.1 She was the daughter of David Alexander Sewall and Harriet Putnam Coburn.1 Alice Coburn Sewall appears on the census of 1910 at Island Falls, she was living with her mother, brother Samuel and sister Mary and her husband and children.2 She died in 1923 in Maine3 and is buried in Island Falls Cemetery, Island Falls, Maine.3


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Alice Geneva Sewall1

F, #12626, b. 8 October 1889, d. 27 July 1890
     Alice Geneva Sewall was born on 8 October 1889.1 She was the daughter of Lyman Beecher Sewall and Josephine Augusta Harris.1 Alice Geneva Sewall died on 27 July 1890 in Montague, Massachusetts.2


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Alice Geraldine Sewall1

F, #17610, b. 23 December 1886, d. 25 November 1963
     Alice Geraldine Sewall was born on 23 December 1886 in San Gorgonio, San Bernardino County, California.2 She was the daughter of Gilbert Tennant Sewall and Lutie Belle Greenleaf.3 Alice Geraldine Sewall married Joseph Pearce Amyes, son of Joseph Amyes and Elizabeth Mary Pearce, on 2 May 1919 in Seattle, Washington.4 On 25 May 1930, the address of Alice Geraldine Sewall and Joseph Pearce Amyes was given as 902 Chadwick Drive, Los Angeles, on the passenger list of the S.S. Ruth Alexander sailing from Ensenada to Los Angeles.5 Alice Geraldine Sewall and Joseph Pearce Amyes were divorced.6 Alice Geraldine Sewall died on 25 November 1963 in Orange County, California, at the age of 76.7

Child of Alice Geraldine Sewall and Joseph Pearce Amyes


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Alice Gertrude Sewall1

F, #25459, b. 13 February 1896
     Alice Gertrude Sewall was born on 13 February 1896 in Peabody, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Henry Sewall and Annie M. Cummings.1 Alice Gertrude Sewall married John Joseph Mullane, son of John Mullane and Julia Sullivan, on 21 March 1918 in Peabody, Massachusetts.2

Children of Alice Gertrude Sewall and John Joseph Mullane


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