Arthur Wilbur Sewall1

M, #25323, b. 24 June 1921, d. 5 July 1921
     Arthur Wilbur Sewall was born on 24 June 1921 in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.1 He was the son of Carl Freemount Sewall and Nancy Jane (Nannie) Paton.1 Arthur Wilbur Sewall died on 5 July 1921 in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.1


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Arthur Wollaston Sewall1

M, #1023, b. 19 November 1860, d. 1 August 1939
     Arthur Wollaston Sewall. Philadelphia banker and manufacturer.2 He was born on 19 November 1860 in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama.1,3 He was the son of Kiah Bayley Sewall and Lucretia Day.4 Arthur Wollaston Sewall married firstly Emily F. Izatt on 25 December 1889 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.5 Arthur Wollaston Sewall married secondly Cynthia Pope Yeatman, daughter of Thomas Yeatman and Lucretia Pope, on 29 December 1897 in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.6 Arthur Wollaston Sewall died on 1 August 1939 in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, at the age of 782 and is buried in Cutters Cemetery, Jaffrey Center, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.7

Manufacturer and Banker Succumbs 7 Weeks After Wife
Arthur Wollaston Sewall. Philadelphia banker and manufacturer, died yesterday in his summer home at Jeffrey, N.H. Just seven weeks after the death of his wife. He was 78.
Ill health forced Mr. Sewall to resign as president of the General Asphalt Corp. now the Barber Asphalt Corp. on May 12, 1936 after serving the company 39 years. He was president of the concern for 24 years. The directors promptly elected him chairman of the board, but he resigned on Sept. 30, 1936, remaining a director, however, until his death.
He was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank. Third District; Baldwin Locomotive Works; Insurance Company of North America; Mutual Assurance Co; American Pulley Co; Midvale Steel Co; Bell Telephone Co. of Pennsylvania, and the Zoological! Society, and was a council member of the Pan-American Society, Inc. His clubs were the Philadelphia and Mid-Day.
Mr. Sewall was born in Mobile. Ala. Nov. 19, 1860, the son of Kiah Bayley and Lucretia Day Sewall. After a high school education, he engaged in mining in Colorado and Missouri before coming to Philadelphia in 1898.
In 1897 he married Cynthia Pope Yeatman, of St. Louis, who died June 12 at the summer home. Their Philadelphia residence was at 1311 Spruce st.
He is survived by a brother-in-law, Pope Yeatman, of Jaffrey, and a niece, Georgina Pope Yeatman, city architect.8

Child of Arthur Wollaston Sewall and Emily F. Izatt


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Atherton Sewall1

M, #23767, b. 20 August 1873, d. 18 December 1935
     Atherton Sewall was born on 20 August 1873 in Boston, Massachusetts.2 He was the son of George P[erkins] Sewall and Sarah Ann Atherton.1 Atherton Sewall appears on the census of 1910, 1920 and 1930 as a patient in the McLean Hospital, Belmont, Boston. He died on 18 December 1935 in McLean Hospital, Belmont, Boston, at the age of 62.3,4


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Augusta Sewall1

F, #12309, b. 1 March 1833, d. after 1920
     Augusta Sewall was born on 1 March 1833 in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Otis Crosby Sewall and Abigail Morgridge.1 Augusta Sewall appears on the census of 5 June 1860 at Chesterville, Maine, listed as a high school teacher.3 She married Stephen Hawes, son of Stephen J. Hawes, on 3 January 1867.4 Augusta Sewall appears on the census of 1880 in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine, living with her parents and by the 1900 Census she is living with her brother in East Livermore where she is recorded in the 1920 Census.5,6 She died after 1920.


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Aurelia Anna Sewall1,2

F, #23233, b. 29 March 1890, d. 8 June 1976
     Aurelia Anna Sewall was born on 29 March 1890 in Louisiana.1,3 She was the daughter of Bernard H. Longmire and Catherine Boise.1 Aurelia Anna Sewall married Junius Carl Rogers on 16 November 1909 in Birmingham, Alabama.2 Aurelia Anna Sewall died on 8 June 1976 in Gadsden, Alabama, at the age of 86.4

Children of Aurelia Anna Sewall and Junius Carl Rogers


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Barbara Mount Sewall1

F, #15143, b. 10 January 1915, d. 12 September 1930
     Barbara Mount Sewall was born on 10 January 1915 in New York.1 She was the daughter of Henry Foster Sewall and Ethel Redford Mount.1 Barbara Mount Sewall died on 12 September 1930 at the age of 15.1 The funeral of Barbara Mount Sewall took place on 15 September 1930 at Christ Church, Bronxville, New York.2


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Basil Sewall

M, #24566, d. circa 1802
     Basil Sewall was the son of Henry Sewall. Basil Sewall married Elizabeth Dawson. Basil Sewall died circa 1802.

Child of Basil Sewall and Elizabeth Dawson

Belinda Katherine Sewall1

F, #17850, b. 19 October 1959, d. 25 June 1965
     Belinda Katherine Sewall was born on 19 October 1959 in Nueces County, Texas.2 She was the daughter of Cmdr. William Bryant Sewall.1 Belinda Katherine Sewall died on 25 June 1965 in Dallas, Texas, at the age of 5.3 She was buried on 28 June 1965 in Hillcrest Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.3


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Benjamin Sewall1

M, #421, b. 6 April 1708
     Benjamin Sewall was born on 6 April 1708.2,3 He was baptised in April 1708 by Rev. W. Noyes.2 He was the son of Major Stephen Sewall and Margaret Mitchell.1 Benjamin Sewall died.2


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Benjamin Sewall1

M, #3546, b. 9 November 1785, d. 15 December 1785
     Benjamin Sewall was born on 9 November 1785 in York, Maine.1 He was the son of Daniel Sewall and Dorcas Bartlett.2 Benjamin Sewall was baptised on 20 November 1785.3 He died on 15 December 1785 in York Village, York County, Maine.1 He was buried in Old York Cemetery, York Village, York County, Maine.3


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Benjamin Sewall1

M, #9602, b. 2 April 1759, d. August 1777
     Benjamin Sewall was born on 2 April 1759 in York, Maine.1 He was the son of Capt. Moses Sewall and Miriam Stone.1 Benjamin Sewall died in August 1777 at the age of 18.2


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Benjamin Sewall1

M, #20416, b. 1776 or 1786, d. 2 December 1830
     Benjamin Sewall was born in 1776 or 1786.2,3 He was the son of Thomas Sewall and Sarah Weeks.1 Benjamin Sewall married Mary Brown on 9 January 1814 in Wilmot, New Hampshire, Mary Brown was a widow.4 Benjamin Sewall died on 2 December 1830 in Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire.2,5 He was buried in Church Place Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire.6

Children of Benjamin Sewall and Mary Brown


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Benjamin Sewall1

M, #24295, b. circa 1935
     Benjamin Sewall was born circa 1935 in Pennsylvania.1 He was the son of Charles Howard Sewall and Althea Ruth Findley.1


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Benjamin Bowman Sewall1

M, #15971, b. 17 March 1858, d. 30 March 1906
     Benjamin Bowman Sewall was born on 17 March 1858 in Atlanta, Logan County, Illinois.1 He was the son of John Lentner Sewall and Louisa Jane Bowman.1 Benjamin Bowman Sewall married Dulcenia Harris, daughter of John W. Harris and Dulcie (Unknown), on 27 October 1881 in Christ Church, Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1,2 Benjamin Bowman Sewall died on 30 March 1906 at 81 Dale Street, Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the age of 48, of a blood clot on the brain3,4 and is buried in Mount Feake Cemetery, Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.5

Children of Benjamin Bowman Sewall and Dulcenia Harris


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Benjamin Bowman Sewall1

M, #15975, b. 31 July 1882, d. 26 November 1957
     Benjamin Bowman Sewall. 1st Lt. Q.M.C. U.S.A.. He was born on 31 July 1882 in Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Benjamin Bowman Sewall and Dulcenia Harris.1 Benjamin Bowman Sewall married Helen Gibson Weaver, daughter of Maj. Gen. Erasmus Morgan Weaver and Elizabeth S. Holmes, on 4 June 1919 in Manhattan, New York.2 Benjamin Bowman Sewall died on 26 November 1957 in near Savannah, Georgia, at the age of 753,4,5 and was buried on 29 November 1957 in Arlington National Cemetery, Section 3 Site 1790-A, Arlington, Virginia.3,6


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Benjamin Chapman Sewall1

M, #860, b. 14 May 1805, d. 9 April 1886
     Benjamin Chapman Sewall was born on 14 May 1805 in Edgecomb, Lincoln County, Maine.2,3 He was the son of Rev. Samuel Sewall and Abigail Trask.4 Benjamin Chapman Sewall married firstly Pauline Fairfield Wentworth, daughter of Timothy Wentworth and Betsey Roberts, on 24 August 1828.5 Benjamin Chapman Sewall and Pauline Fairfield Wentworth appear on the census of 1850 at Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin, with their son Charles. Also listed at the same address are C.R. Wentworth and his family, presumably a brother of Pauline Sewall.6 Benjamin Chapman Sewall married secondly Ruth H. Legro, daughter of Daniel Legro and Lydia Plummer, on 4 August 1855.3 Benjamin Chapman Sewall died on 9 April 1886 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, at the age of 802,7 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines.8

Children of Benjamin Chapman Sewall and Pauline Fairfield Wentworth


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Benjamin Crosby Sewall1

M, #13143, b. 26 July 1811, d. 28 August 1895
     Benjamin Crosby Sewall was born on 26 July 1811 in Maine.1 He was the son of Deacon David Sewall and Elizabeth Crosby.1 Benjamin Crosby Sewall married Susan Proctor Carpenter, daughter of Deacon Nathan Carpenter, on 17 October 1844 in Foxcroft, Maine.2,3 In circa 1885, the address of Benjamin Crosby Sewall and Susan Proctor Carpenter was 31 Charlotte Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.4 Benjamin Crosby Sewall died on 28 August 1895 at the age of 842 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine.5

Children of Benjamin Crosby Sewall and Susan Proctor Carpenter


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Benjamin F. Sewall

M, #9545, b. 29 January 1790, d. 12 October 1879
     Benjamin F. Sewall was born on 29 January 1790 in Hallowell, Maine.1 He was the son of Moses Sewall and Ruth Barrell.1 Benjamin F. Sewall married Louisa Lydia Bowman, daughter of Jonathan Bowman Jr. and Lydia Wood, on 30 July 1818 in Wiscasset.2 Benjamin F. Sewall died on 12 October 1879 in Weston, Massachusetts, at the age of 891,3 and is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.4
Mr. Sewall came to Boston by about 1830, and went into the grocery business as head of the firm of Sewall, Kendrick & Co. Subsequently he was engaged in shipping, and was president of the Fishing Insurance Company, afterwards the City Marine Insurance Company, until its dissolution. About the year 1831 Mr. Sewall became interested in the manufacture of cordage, and entered into partnership with Mr. Moses Day for the purpose of carrying it on. The present firm of Sewall, Day & Co. dates from that time. Mr. Sewall was a director of the Market Bank from its incorporation until his death, and was also for many years a director of the Neptune Insurance Company.
From his early commercial education Mr. Sewall retained a deep interest in Navigation, and was engaged a large part of his life in shipping on his private account. Hence his interest in the cause of seamen, as evidenced, among his bequests, of five thousand dollars to the " Sailors' Snug Harbor." The academy in Hallowell, which was founded under the auspices of his father and his uncle David Sewall, and is now known as the Hallowell Calcicole and Scientific School, also received generous donations from him while living. Industrious, affectionate and brave, he was from his boyhood the helper of his widowed mother. From the age of fourteen he supported himself ; and through life, even to extreme old age, he was remarkable for his strict application to business. He was connected with the Orthodox Congregational denomination, to the support of which he contributed.5,6

Child of Benjamin F. Sewall and Louisa Lydia Bowman


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Benjamin Goodwin Sewall

M, #12659, b. 31 March 1847, d. 28 October 1891
     Benjamin Goodwin Sewall was born on 31 March 1847.1 He was the son of Joseph Lambard Sewall and Sarah L. Goodwin.1 Benjamin Goodwin Sewall appears on the census of 1870 at Rockport, Essex County, Massachusetts, where he is living with his father, stepmother and half brothers and sisters, he has no occupation.2 He died on 28 October 1891 in Peabody, Massachusetts, at the age of 44 of pneumonia. Registered under the name Benjamin K. Sewall.3


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Benjamin Greenleaf Sewall1,2

M, #17612, b. 17 July 1891, d. 9 May 1961
     Benjamin Greenleaf Sewall was born on 17 July 1891 in Sierra Madre, California.1,3 He was the son of Gilbert Tennant Sewall and Lutie Belle Greenleaf.1 Benjamin Greenleaf Sewall married Annette Florence Davis before 5 June 1917.4,3 Benjamin Greenleaf Sewall died on 9 May 1961 at the age of 695 and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Los Angeles County, California.2


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Rev. Benson Sewall1

M, #13283, b. 2 July 1862, d. 28 December 1887
     Rev. Benson Sewall was born on 2 July 1862 in Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts.2 He was the son of Prof. John Smith Sewall and Louisa B. Benson.1 Rev. Benson Sewall drowned on 28 December 1887 in Hampden, Penobscot County, Maine, at the age of 25 whilst skating on the Penobscot.3 He was buried on 30 April 1888 in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine, Lot Number, 3CG.4

"[he] ..... graduated at Bowdoin College in 1883. The death of his sister left him the only child of his parents. He early consecrated himself to Christ and to the Christian ministry. He spent four summers in the Summer Schools at Amherst, Burlington, and Boston, and two in Europe, going the second time for study in Germany. During the two years that intervened between College and Seminary he was Principal of the Academy in Shoreham, Vt., and entered upon his work there with the vigor of youth and the high aims of a Christian. His labors proved an inspiration not only to his pupils but throughout the community. Returning he entered Bangor Theological Seminary in the autumn of 1885, and would have graduated next June. At the close of his middle year he spent three months in home missionary work in Iowa, to which he devoted the energies of a robust body, a clear brain, an earnest purpose, and a warm heart. The results were remarkable, and the churches he served are praising God for his fidelity and success.

His youthful culture took a wide range, from such work as preparing the Index for Professor Harper’s Hebrew Grammar, to the study of art and music, of both which he was very fond. He was well read in the master minds of literature. He had for a long time purposed to offer himself to the Board for service as a foreign missionary. Three years of his college course and the whole of his seminary work were made to point steadfastly in this direction. But while yet his preparations were going forward, his Master has transferred him to another sphere, where his youthful promise will find fuller fruition, where his ardor will find larger scope, and where the Lord can make his ministrations - even perhaps to the pagan empires over whom his heart yearned - more effective than any service he might have rendered in a longer life below."2


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Bernye Belseth Sewall1

F, #22900, b. 13 June 1926, d. 18 August 2018
     Bernye Belseth Sewall was born on 13 June 1926. She was the daughter of Chadwick "Bud" Irving Sewall and Gladys Isabella Paul.1 Bernye Belseth Sewall married William Murray, son of James Murray and Catherine Nicholson. Bernye Belseth Sewall died on 18 August 2018 in British Columbia at the age of 92.2

With her family by her side our beautiful mother passed on to her next journey, surrounded by love.
She was a mother, a wife, sister, auntie, a friend and a nana to many – not just our immediate family. She was the matriarch extraordinaire, always with room for one more at the table and her doors open for anyone night or day.
Her family was her all and rarely missed an event. She was also a sports fanatic and you didn’t call when football was on!!
Bernye was predeceased by her husband; Bill, her son Sandy and brothers Bob and Tom. She leaves her three daughters; Lynn Peters (Gary), granddaughter; Aaron Cooper (Gary) and their children; Jordan, Tessa, Tyler (Monique) and her great-great grandchildren; Brooklynn, Brayden and Briella; her grandson Mike Peters (Lindsey) and their sons Madden and Ryland and grandson Murray Peters(Julia) and their children Jackson and Jayla. Bernye’s daughter; Cindy Smith (Roger) and their son Ryan (Adera), and Bernye’s daughter; Janie Mowatt (Jack) and their two daughters; Morgan (fiance – Chris Rankin), Gina and her partner Tai Alfred and his son Kai. She is also survived by her dear sister-in-law; Betty and many Sewall family relations in Alberta.
There will be no service by request.
Please remember our mother as the beautiful, kind and caring soul that she was.
Thanks for the legacy of love mom.2


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Bert V. Sewall1

M, #17220, b. January 1888, d. 12 January 1910
     Bert V. Sewall was born in January 1888 in South Dakota.1 He was the son of William Alfred Sewall and Ellen Josephine Finch.1 Bert V. Sewall died on 12 January 1910 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, of appendicitis2 and is buried in Estates of Serenity, Marion, Grant County, Indiana.3


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Bertha Harriet Sewall1

F, #26499, b. 21 November 1894, d. June 1978
     Bertha Harriet Sewall was born on 21 November 1894 in Newmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.2 She was the daughter of Frank Woodbury Sewall and Sarah Elizabeth Evans.1 Bertha Harriet Sewall married George Charles Gregory, son of Edward Gregory and Maria Norris, on 30 June 1914 in Newmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.1 Bertha Harriet Sewall died in June 1978 at the age of 83.2 She was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Newmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.2


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Bessie Sewall1

F, #10304, b. 12 July 1891, d. 8 August 1970
     Bessie Sewall was born on 12 July 1891 in Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois.1,2 She was the daughter of Henry Middleton Sewall and Clara J. Baird.1 Bessie Sewall married Jacob Claude Hull, son of David P. Hull and Emma M. Buchman, on 27 April 1919 in Paulding, Ohio.3 Bessie Sewall died on 8 August 1970 in Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio, at the age of 794 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio.5

Mrs. Bess Hull Succumbs At 79
Mrs. Bess Sewall Hull, 79, died in Bucyrus Community Hospital at 11:25 p.m. Saturday. Mrs. Hull had entered the hospital from Maplecrest Kings Daughters Home July 23. She was a resident at the Maplecrest Home since July 19 after moving from her former address of 129 Wayne Ave.
Mrs. Hull was born July 12, 1891, in Urbana, Ill. to the late Henry Middleson Sewall and Clara J. Baird Sewall. She was married April 27, 1919, to Jacob Claude Hull, who died in 1959. There is also one son who preceded her in death, Jacob Claude Hull Jr., who died in 1968
Survivors include a daughter-in-law, Mrs. J.C. (Sidney) Hull of Omaha, Neb., three granddaughters, Mrs. Earl (Claudia) Branes, Omaha, Neb., Mr. William (Cholly) McLochlin, Omaha, Neb; and Miss Sidney Hull, also of Omaha, one great granddaughter, Jill Barnes of Omaha, and a half-sister, Mrs. Clarence (Isabelle) Bower of Paulding.
Mrs. Hull was in charge of a nursing unit for the Red Cross during World War I and of Red Cross nursing classes during World War II. She came to Bucyrus from Memphis, Tenn., in 1938 and was a member of the First United Methodist Church. She also belonged to the Ladies Oriental Shrine and the Bucyrus Chapter No. 3, Order of the Eastern Star, and the Crocus Club. She was a past regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Funeral services for Mrs. Hull will be held Tuesday at the Wise Funeral Home at 2 p. m. with the Rev. C. David Wright officiating. Friends may call this evening at the funeral home. Burial will be in Oakwood Cemetery.6

Child of Bessie Sewall and Jacob Claude Hull


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Bessie T. Sewall1

F, #17740, b. July 1867, d. 12 April 1876
     Bessie T. Sewall was born in July 1867 in Edgecomb, Lincoln County, Maine. She was the daughter of Egbert Thatcher Sewall and Elizabeth Gove Cunningham.1 Bessie T. Sewall died on 12 April 1876 in Methuen, Essex County, Massachusetts, at the age of 8 of scarlet fever.2


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Bethiah Sewall1

F, #20396, b. 24 June 1792
     Bethiah Sewall was baptised on 24 June 1792 at Phippsburg, Sagadahoc County, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Stephen Sewall and Abigail Bartlett.1


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Bethiah Elizabeth Sewall1

F, #12091, b. circa 1852
     Bethiah Elizabeth Sewall was born circa 1852 in Jamestown, Georgia.2,3 She was the daughter of Edward Wailes Sewall and Mariah Susan Chapman.1 Bethiah Elizabeth Sewall married Napoleon Burke Smith on 20 December 1885.3

Child of Bethiah Elizabeth Sewall and Napoleon Burke Smith


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Betsey Sewall1

F, #26701, b. circa 1813, d. 3 August 1875
     Betsey Sewall was born circa 1813 in Gilford.1 She was the daughter of William Sewall and Rebecca Whitney.1 Betsey Sewall died on 3 August 1875 in Merrimack County, New Hampshire,1 and is buried in Merrimack County Farm Cemetery, Boscawen, Merrimack County, New Hampshire.2


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Betsy Sewall1

F, #907, b. 12 November 1806, d. 21 January 1899
     Betsy Sewall is also recorded as Elizabeth Sewall.2 She was born on 12 November 1806 in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Rev. Jotham Sewall and Jenny Sewall.1 Betsy Sewall married Rev. John Billings on 30 January 1827 in Mount Vernon.2 Betsy Sewall died on 21 January 1899 in Parkman at the age of 92.2 She was buried in Parkman village cemetery.


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