Dr. Henry Russell1

M, #1991
     Dr. Henry Russell married as his second wife Annie Gertrude Champion, daughter of Charles Pipon Champion and Charlotte Henrietta Westrene Sewell, on 6 November 1893 in Manhattan, New York.2


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Hon. James Russell1

M, #14391
     Hon. James Russell married Katherine Graves, daughter of Thomas Graves and Sybil Avery.2

Child of Hon. James Russell and Katherine Graves


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John Russell 6th Duke of Bedford

M, #9637, b. 6 July 1766, d. 20 October 1839
     John Russell 6th Duke of Bedford was born on 6 July 1766. He married Georgina Gordon, daughter of Alexander Gordon 4th Duke of Gordon, 7th Marquess, 1st Earl of Norwich and Jane Maxwell, on 23 June 1803 in Whitehall. John Russell 6th Duke of Bedford died on 20 October 1839 at the age of 73.

Major General Lechmere Coore Graves Russell C.B.

M, #15755

Child of Major General Lechmere Coore Graves Russell C.B.


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Marie Clotilde Russell1

F, #11653
     Marie Clotilde Russell was the daughter of Sir George Russell Bt. and Constance Charlotte Elisa Lennox.1 Marie Clotilde Russell married Hon. Arthur Ernest Guinness.1

Child of Marie Clotilde Russell and Hon. Arthur Ernest Guinness


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Mary Ann Russell1

F, #7579, b. 11 October 1813, d. April 1903
     Mary Ann Russell was born on 11 October 1813 in Weld, Maine.1 She married James Brown, son of Rev. Ebenezer Brown, on 18 February 1835 in Weld.1 Mary Ann Russell died in April 1903 in Island Falls at the age of 89.1

Children of Mary Ann Russell and James Brown


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Rebecca Russell1

F, #14390
     Rebecca Russell was the daughter of Hon. James Russell and Katherine Graves.1 Rebecca Russell married secondly Hon. John Lowell LL.D., son of Rev. John Lowell and Sarah Champney, on 27 January 1778 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.1,2

Children of Rebecca Russell and Hon. John Lowell LL.D.


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Thomas Russell1

M, #22623

Child of Thomas Russell


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Winifred Penelope Russell1

F, #1423, b. March 1878, d. 12 December 1957
     Her birth was registered in the quarter ending March 1878 in the Bath, Somerset, registration district; as an un-named female. Winifred Penelope Russell was the daughter of General Sir Edward Lechmere Graves Russell K.C.S.I. and Alice Sewell.1 Winifred Penelope Russell made a will on 9 August 1957. She died on 12 December 1957 at Lansdown Grove Nursing Home, Bath, Somerset, at the age of 79.2


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Cornelia Rutgers1

F, #13436
     Cornelia Rutgers married Jacob Le Roy.

Child of Cornelia Rutgers and Jacob Le Roy


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Anne Rutherford1

F, #21192, b. 10 August 1733, d. 24 December 1819
     Anne Rutherford was born on 10 August 1733 in Edinburgh.2 She was the daughter of Dr. John Rutherford and Jean Swinton.1 Anne Rutherford married Walter Scott, son of Robert Scott of Sandyknowe and Barbara Haliburton, in April 1758.1 Anne Rutherford died on 24 December 1819 in Edinburgh at the age of 86.2 She was buried in Saint John Episcopal Graveyard, Edinburgh.3

Child of Anne Rutherford and Walter Scott


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Dr. John Rutherford1

M, #21193, b. 1695, d. 1779
     Dr. John Rutherford was born in 1695. He married Jean Swinton.1 Dr. John Rutherford died in 1779.

Child of Dr. John Rutherford and Jean Swinton


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Andrew Ruthirfurd of Keidheuch

M, #24886
     Andrew Ruthirfurd of Keidheuch was the son of Isobel Bennet.

Virginia Rutland1

F, #2449, b. 28 June 1922, d. 28 November 2002
     Virginia Rutland was born on 28 June 1922 in Toronto.2 She married Dr. Colin Sewell Ross, son of Dr. James Wells Ross O.B.E. and Gladys Hope Sewell, on 17 August 1946 in Toronto.2 Virginia Rutland died on 28 November 2002 in Toronto at the age of 80.2


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Ann S. Rutledge

F, #25554
     Ann S. Rutledge married John W. Beckman.

Child of Ann S. Rutledge and John W. Beckman

Ilah M. Ruynolds1

F, #26462, b. 1907, d. 1979
     Ilah M. Ruynolds was born in 1907 in Newfields, New Hampshire.1,2 She married Arthur C. Sewall, son of Clarence Eben Sewall and Myrtie Cummings, on 3 June 1928 in Newmarket, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.1 Ilah M. Ruynolds died in 19792 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Bay Shore, Suffolk County, New York.3


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Irene Ryan

F, #26871
     Irene Ryan married Charles W. Kohler.

Child of Irene Ryan and Charles W. Kohler

Rebecca Ryan1

F, #12057, b. 1775, d. 1830
     Rebecca Ryan was born in 1775 in Tipperary, Ireland.1 She married James Carroll, son of Hugh Emaniel Carroll and Maria M. Carroll, in 1794 in Tipperary.1 Rebecca Ryan died in 1830 in Pennsylvania.1


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William C. Ryan1

M, #22282, b. 26 December 1817, d. 16 July 1899
     William C. Ryan was born on 26 December 1817.2 He married Caroline Matilda Sewall, daughter of Rufus King Sewall and Phoebe W. Merrill, on 2 September 1847 in Wicasset, Maine.1 William C. Ryan died on 16 July 1899 in Sonora, Tuolumne County, California, at the age of 81. His occupation is given as miner.2,3,4

Child of William C. Ryan and Caroline Matilda Sewall


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William Henry Ryan1

M, #26544, b. 15 July 1849, d. 31 August 1932
     William Henry Ryan was born on 15 July 1849 in Edgecomb, Lincoln County, Maine.1 He was the son of William C. Ryan and Caroline Matilda Sewall.1 William Henry Ryan died on 31 August 1932 in Edgecomb, Lincoln County, Maine, at the age of 83.1


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Margaret Rycken1

F, #24259
     Margaret Rycken married firstly Thomas Lynch.1 Margaret Rycken married Anthony Duane in 1741.1


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Jean Marie Sabalos1

F, #1339
     Jean Marie Sabalos married Como Careaud.1

Child of Jean Marie Sabalos and Como Careaud


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Elizabeth Mary Sabine

F, #4391, d. 1989
     Elizabeth Mary Sabine married David Kenneth Barron Fraser, son of Brigadier Sir Kenneth Barron Fraser C.B.E. and Edith Mary Patricia Lloyd Hart, in 1962. Elizabeth Mary Sabine died in 1989.1


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Ida von Sachsen1

F, #18596

Child of Ida von Sachsen and Albert III Comte de Namur


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John Muncaster Sadler1

M, #10113
     John Muncaster Sadler. A civil engineer. He married Mary Humphreys.

Child of John Muncaster Sadler and Mary Humphreys


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William Windham Sadler1,2

M, #572, b. 11 May 1866, d. 5 February 1909
     William Windham Sadler. An assurance inspector. He was baptised on 11 May 1866 at St. Andrew, Maghull, Lancashire. He was the son of John Muncaster Sadler and Mary Humphreys.2 William Windham Sadler married Merelina Frederica Ann Ledsam, daughter of William Ledsam and Merelina Victoria Gordon, on 29 March 1897 in St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, London, the service was conducted by the Rev. Alfred Ledsam (cousin of the bride.)2 William Windham Sadler died on 5 February 1909 in 4 Homely Bank, Kinnoull, Perth, Scotland, at the age of 42 of a syncope.2
Entry showing William Sadler's death


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John Saffin1

M, #7646, b. 1634?, d. 1710
     John Saffin was born in 1634?2 He married Martha Willett, daughter of Captain Thomas Willett and Mary Brown, on 2 December 1658 in Plymouth.1 John Saffin died in 1710.2


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Leila Safford1

F, #22991, b. 11 August 1884, d. 1 June 1967
     Leila Safford was born on 11 August 1884 [or 1887] in Springfield, Massachusetts.2 She married John Naylor Stevens on 30 December 1908 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.3 Leila Safford died on 1 June 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts, at the age of 82.4

Child of Leila Safford and John Naylor Stevens


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Emma Sagar1

F, #19828, b. circa 1867, d. before 1934
     Emma Sagar was born circa 1867.1 She was the daughter of George Sagar and Harriett Hewett.1 Emma Sagar married Frederick William Pense, son of John Grass Pense and Maria Panton, on 24 August 1909 in Lincoln, Ontario.1 Emma Sagar died before 1934.


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George Sagar1

M, #19829
     George Sagar married Harriett Hewett.1

Child of George Sagar and Harriett Hewett


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