Mary Newcomb

F, #16124, b. 24 August 1893, d. 26 December 1966
     Mary Newcomb was born on 24 August 1893 in North Adams, Massachusetts. She married as her second husband Alexander Henry Higginson, son of Major Henry Lee Higginson and Ida Agassiz, circa 1925. Mary Newcomb died on 26 December 1966 in Dorchester, Dorset, at the age of 73.

George Newdick1

M, #17335
     George Newdick married Jane Tooley.1

Child of George Newdick and Jane Tooley


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Ida Mary Newdick1

F, #11885, b. 1887, d. 1974
     Ida Mary Newdick was born in 1887 in Toronto.1 She was the daughter of George Newdick and Jane Tooley.2 Ida Mary Newdick married Henry Charles de Quincy Sewell, son of Henry de Quincy Sewell and Caroline Alberta Pense, on 12 August 1914 in Toronto.2 Ida Mary Newdick died in 1974 in Oakville, Ontario.1

Children of Ida Mary Newdick and Henry Charles de Quincy Sewell


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John Newdigate1

M, #7844

Child of John Newdigate


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Sarah Newdigate1

F, #7843, d. 1692
     Sarah Newdigate was the daughter of John Newdigate. Sarah Newdigate married Peter Oliver, son of Thomas Oliver and Agnes (Unknown) widow Henson. Sarah Newdigate died in 1692.

Children of Sarah Newdigate and Peter Oliver


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Ashbel Barney Newell1

M, #24678, b. 26 April 1868, d. 28 August 1950
     Ashbel Barney Newell was born on 26 April 1868 in Buffalo, New York.2,3 He was the son of John Newell and Judith Hills.3 Ashbel Barney Newell married secondly Merilina Evelyn Lucinda Seymour, daughter of Lt. Colonel Frederick Henry Seymour and Myra Theresa Merelina Symonds, on 25 April 1910 in Mentor, Lake County, Ohio.1,3 Ashbel Barney Newell died on 28 August 1950 at the age of 82.2

Born April 26, 1868, Buffalo, NY, died August 27, 1950, Toledo, Ohio
Father, John Newell, president Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company, son of Moses and Sally (Moody) Newell Mother, Judith Poore (Hills) Newell Yale relatives include John E Newell, '83 S (brother), Augustus C Newell (Class of 1916), Newell Garfield, '18, Rudolph H Garfield (Class of 1921 S)
(nephews); Newell Garfield, Jr, '45W (grandnephew).
University School, Chicago. Freshman and University Football teams and Freshman and University crews; captain Class crew Sophomore year; Freshman Glee Club, Senior Promenade Committee; Eta Phi, Psi Upsilon, Scroll and Key.
With Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company 1890-1901 (assistant trainmaster Franklin division 1891, superintendent q1892-93; superintendent Kalamazoo division 1891-92 and Western division 1893-1901); vice-president and general manager White Pass & Yukon Road, Alaska, 1901-5, with McCord Company, railway supplies, Chicago, 1906-7; assistant to president and purchasing agent Arkansas, Louisiana & Gulf Railway Company 1907-8, superintendent Mexican Central Railway Company, Mexico City, 1908-9, president Tennessee Central Railroad Company, Nashville, 1909-13; president and general manager Toledo Terminal Railroad Company 1914-50, president Yale Alumni Association of Toledo 1916-17; member area council Boy Scouts of America.
Married (1) April 24, 1894, Chicago, Harriet Rockwell, daughter of Charles B, and Ella (Garfield) King Children: Ashbel Barney, Jr, '20; Eleanor King (BA. Bryn Mawr 1921, Mrs William Burry, Jr ) , Nancy, the wife of Rexford Daniels, '20 S. Mr. and Mrs Newell were divorced 1909
Married (2) April 25, 1910, Mentor, Ohio, Merelina Evelyn Lucinda, daughter of Frederick Henry and Myra Theresa (Symonds) Seymour.
Death due to congestive heart failure. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Chicago. Survived by wife, children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Bulletin of Yale University. Obituary Record 1950-1951.


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Eunice Newell1

F, #7745, b. circa 1736, d. August 1804
     Eunice Newell was born circa 1736 (calculated from her age at death.)2 She married Henry Quincy, son of Judge Edmund Quincy and Elizabeth Wendell, on 31 December 1759 in Brattle Square Church, Boston.1,3,4 Eunice Newell was ill with smallpox on 9 March 1761.4 She died in August 1804 in Boston, Massachusetts.2

Children of Eunice Newell and Henry Quincy


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Fred Newell1

M, #26019
     Fred Newell married Mabel Chandler, daughter of Elmer M. Chandler and Dora Adelia Sewall, on 28 August 1911 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.1


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Hannah Newell1

F, #5211, b. 1671, d. 1743
     Hannah Newell was born in 1671.1 She married John Holmes, son of David Holmes and Jane (Unknown), in 1690.1 Hannah Newell died in 1743.1

Child of Hannah Newell and John Holmes


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Harriet Newell1

F, #26184, b. 1840, d. 28 April 1897
     Harriet Newell was born in 1840 in Burke, Caledonia County, Vermont.1 She married Dr. Horatio Nelson Small, son of Richard Small and Abigail Ann Jose.1 Harriet Newell died on 28 April 1897 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.1


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John Newell

M, #24679
     John Newell married Judith Hills.1

Child of John Newell and Judith Hills


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Karenhappuck Newell1

F, #20316
     Karenhappuck Newell married Andrew Grover.1

Child of Karenhappuck Newell and Andrew Grover


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Eliza Newhall

F, #25590
     Eliza Newhall married Benjamin Dodge.

Child of Eliza Newhall and Benjamin Dodge

Irene C. Newhouse1

F, #24402, b. 5 June 1873, d. 3 August 1956
     Irene C. Newhouse was born on 5 June 1873 in Kenwood, Madison County, New York.1 She married George W. Noyes on 16 October 1899 in Kenwood, Madison County, New York.1 Irene C. Newhouse died on 3 August 1956 in Delray Beach, Florida, at the age of 83.1

Child of Irene C. Newhouse and George W. Noyes


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Rev. Antipas Newman1

M, #7946, b. 15 October 1627, d. 15 October 1672
     Rev. Antipas Newman was born on 15 October 1627 in England.1 He was the son of Rev. Samuel Newman and Sybil Featley.1 Rev. Antipas Newman died on 15 October 1672 in Wenham at the age of 45.1


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Elinor Newman1

F, #3871
     Elinor Newman married Edward Hull, son of Robert Hull and Elizabeth (Unknown) widow Storer, on 20 January 1652/53 in Boston.1,2

Child of Elinor Newman and Edward Hull


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John Newman1

M, #9502
     John Newman married Mary Toppan, daughter of John Toppan and Judith Moody, on 5 December 1734 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.2


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Rev. Noah Newman1

M, #7107, b. 10 January 1631, d. 16 April 1676
     Rev. Noah Newman was born on 10 January 1631 in England.2 He was the son of Rev. Samuel Newman and Sybil Featley.1,3 Rev. Noah Newman was ordained in March 1668 at Rehoboth.2 He married Joanna Flynt, daughter of Rev. Henry Flynt and Margery Hoar, on 30 December 1669.1 Rev. Noah Newman died on 16 April 1676 in Rehoboth at the age of 45.2


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Patience Newman1

F, #13658
     Patience Newman married Nathaniel Sparhawk, son of Nathaniel Sparhawk and Mary Angier, on 3 October 1649.1

Children of Patience Newman and Nathaniel Sparhawk


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Mrs. Ruth Plummer Newman1

F, #828, b. circa 1689, d. 20 April 1764
     Mrs. Ruth Plummer Newman was born circa 1689.1 She married Rev. Samuel Moody, son of Caleb/1 Moody and Judith Bradbury, after 1728.2 Mrs. Ruth Plummer Newman died on 20 April 1764 in York, Maine.1 She was buried in The Old Grave Yard, York.3


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Rev. Samuel Newman1

M, #7108, b. 10 May 1602, d. 5 July 1663
     Of Rehoboth, Massachusetts.1 Rev. Samuel Newman was born on 10 May 1602 in Banbury, Oxfordshire.2 He married Sybil Featley.3 Rev. Samuel Newman died on 5 July 1663 in Seekonk at the age of 61.3

Children of Rev. Samuel Newman and Sybil Featley


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Mary Newmarch1

F, #6294, b. 1705, d. 1794
     Mary Newmarch was born in 1705.2 She married Caleb Cushing, son of Rev. Caleb Cushing and Elizabeth Cotton, in 1730 6 children.1,2 Mary Newmarch died in 1794.2

Child of Mary Newmarch and Caleb Cushing


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Mary Newsome

F, #25456
     Mary Newsome married Joseph Redfearn.

Child of Mary Newsome and Joseph Redfearn

Jessie Douglas Newson1

F, #1658, b. 20 July 1864, d. 25 April 1907
     Jessie Douglas Newson was born on 20 July 1864 in St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota.2,3 She was the daughter of Hon. Thomas M. Newson.2 Jessie Douglas Newson married Samuel Lovatt Sewall, son of Edmund Quincy Sewall and Louisa Kilham Lovett, on 26 June 1890 in St. Paul, Minnesota.2,4 Jessie Douglas Newson died on 25 April 1907 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, at the age of 422,3 and is buried in Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.5

Children of Jessie Douglas Newson and Samuel Lovatt Sewall


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Hon. Thomas M. Newson1

M, #14533

Child of Hon. Thomas M. Newson


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Eleanor Newton1

F, #11132, d. 5 December 1681
     Eleanor Newton married secondly Kenelm Winslow, son of Edward Winslow and Magdalen Oliver, in June 1634.2 Eleanor Newton died on 5 December 1681 in Marshfield.3

Child of Eleanor Newton and Kenelm Winslow


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Rev. Roger Newton1

M, #8893, d. 1683
     Rev. Roger Newton. First pastor of Farmington, Connecticut. DNB records him as pastor at Milford.1 He married Mary Hooker, daughter of Rev. Thomas Hooker and Susannah Garbrand, before 1646 in Hartford, Connecticut.1,2 Rev. Roger Newton died in 1683.2


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Sarah Matthews Newton1

F, #21434, d. 29 June 1900
     Sarah Matthews Newton married Jacob Aaron Phillips.1 Sarah Matthews Newton died on 29 June 1900 in Grand Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland.2

Child of Sarah Matthews Newton and Jacob Aaron Phillips


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Simeon Bruce Newton1

M, #12696, b. 29 May 1814
     Simeon Bruce Newton was born on 29 May 1814.2 He married Lucy Maria Greene, daughter of Nathaniel Greene and Abigail Sewall, on 25 November 1870.2


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Alexander Grieve Nichol1,2

M, #19687
     Alexander Grieve Nichol married Agnes Purdon Scott, daughter of Robert Scott and Mary Purdon, in 1885 in Teviothead, Roxburghshire.2


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