Alice Bernice McConnell1

F, #25866, b. circa 1900, d. before November 1920
     Alice Bernice McConnell was born circa 1900.1 She was the daughter of Elmer McConnell and Anne L. Smith. Alice Bernice McConnell married Albert Vader, son of William Ames Vader and Margaret (Maggie) Dean, on 31 October 1917 in Cherry Valley, Prince Edward County, Ontario.1 Alice Bernice McConnell died before November 1920.


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Elmer McConnell

M, #25867
     Elmer McConnell married Anne L. Smith.

Child of Elmer McConnell and Anne L. Smith

William C. McConnell1

M, #23515, b. 1858, d. 1936
     William C. McConnell was born in 1858.1,2 He married Ivah Jane Sewall, daughter of Noah Amos Sewall and Mary Adeline Kuhn, on 12 March 1907 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.1 William C. McConnell died in 1936 in Madera County, California.2


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Mary Catherine McCool1

F, #14811, b. 1831, d. 1909
     Mary Catherine McCool was born in 1831 in Pennsylvania.1 She married Charles Stewart Foster, son of Wadsworth Foster and Abigail Kezar, in 1849.1 Mary Catherine McCool died in 1909.1

Children of Mary Catherine McCool and Charles Stewart Foster


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Nancy McCorkle1

F, #2647
     Nancy McCorkle married Cornelius W. Coffin, son of Charles Coffin Jr. and Susanna Woodbridge Ayers, on 25 May 1849 in Greene County, Tennessee.1,2

Child of Nancy McCorkle and Cornelius W. Coffin


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Thomas Donald McCormish1

M, #24622, b. 9 February 1928, d. 19 April 2010
     Thomas Donald McCormish was born on 9 February 1928 in New Kensington, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.2,3 He was the son of Thomas Lusk McCormish and Emma Carr.2 Thomas Donald McCormish died on 19 April 2010 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, at the age of 82.2


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Thomas Lusk McCormish1

M, #25429
     Thomas Lusk McCormish married Emma Carr.1

Child of Thomas Lusk McCormish and Emma Carr


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Polly McCracken1

F, #17249
     Polly McCracken married Robert McCabe.1

Child of Polly McCracken and Robert McCabe


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Andrew Murison McCrae

M, #9905, b. 17 August 1802, d. 24 July 1874
     Andrew Murison McCrae was born on 17 August 1802.1 He was the son of William Gordon McCrae and Margaret Murison.1 Andrew Murison McCrae married Georgiana Huntly Gordon, daughter of George Gordon 5th Duke of Gordon, 8th Marquess, 2nd Earl of Norwich and Jane Graham, on 25 September 1830 in Parish Church of Bellie, Fochabers.2 Andrew Murison McCrae died on 24 July 1874 in Hawthorn, Victoria, at the age of 71.1


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William Gordon McCrae1

M, #12039
     William Gordon McCrae married Margaret Murison.

Child of William Gordon McCrae and Margaret Murison


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Col. David McCrillis1

M, #3723
     Col. David McCrillis married Mary Gerrish, daughter of Joseph Gerrish and Mehitable Currier, after 1821.1


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Peter McCullough1

M, #2787, b. 1932, d. 1985
     Peter McCullough was born in 1932.1 He died in 1985.1


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Judge Charles Johnson McCurdy1

M, #1742
     Judge Charles Johnson McCurdy married Sarah Anne Lord.1

Child of Judge Charles Johnson McCurdy and Sarah Anne Lord


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Eliphalet McDaniel1

M, #15431, d. before 1799
     Eliphalet McDaniel married Jane Sewall, daughter of William Sewall and Sarah Chisam, on 7 April 1788 in Georgetown, Maine.1 Eliphalet McDaniel died before 1799.1


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B. Frank McDaniels1

M, #26505

Child of B. Frank McDaniels


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James S. McDaniels1

M, #26504, b. circa 1872
     James S. McDaniels was born circa 1872.1 He was the son of B. Frank McDaniels.1 James S. McDaniels married Elizabeth May Sewall, daughter of Frank Woodbury Sewall and Sarah Elizabeth Evans, on 19 November 1902 in Lee, Strafford County, New Hampshire.1


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Elizabeth McDonald

F, #24610
     Elizabeth McDonald married John G. Dykes.

Child of Elizabeth McDonald and John G. Dykes

Dr. James P. McDonald1

M, #7291, b. 1859
     Dr. James P. McDonald was born in 1859.1 He married Mary Helen Dana, daughter of Charles Henry Gerrish Wood Dana and Laura Cornelia Gillette.1


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Janet Mary McDonald1

F, #4551, d. 17 September 1954
     Janet Mary McDonald died on 17 September 1954 in Queensland in infancy.2,1


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John McDonald1

M, #21827
     John McDonald married Melinda (Unknown).

Child of John McDonald and Melinda (Unknown)


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Lawrence Mcdonald1

M, #22921


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Mary A. McDonald1

F, #19761
     Mary A. McDonald married Capt. Robert Bosworth circa 1828.1

Child of Mary A. McDonald and Capt. Robert Bosworth


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Mary Lola McDonald1

F, #3739, b. circa 1901
     Mary Lola McDonald was born circa 1901.1 She died.1 She married George Gee Emerson, son of Edward L. Emerson and Nellie Gee, on 20 September 1922 in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.2


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Minnie Thursa Louise McDonald1

F, #21819, b. 1863, d. 1903
     Minnie Thursa Louise McDonald was born in 1863 in Invercargill.2 She was the daughter of John McDonald and Melinda (Unknown).3 Minnie Thursa Louise McDonald married firstly Edward Austen on 3 September 1882 in Santa Ana, Solomon Islands.4 Minnie Thursa Louise McDonald married secondly Nicolas Charles Tindal, son of Vice-Admiral Louis Symonds Tindal and Henrietta Maria O'Donel White, in 1895 in Island of Faisi, Shortland Islands, Solomon Islands. Minnie Thursa Louise McDonald died in 1903 in Glebe, Sydney,3 and was buried on 14 September 1903 in Waverly Cemetery.5

Child of Minnie Thursa Louise McDonald and Edward Austen

Children of Minnie Thursa Louise McDonald and Nicolas Charles Tindal


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Albert Sewall McDougall

M, #22887, b. 17 May 1912, d. 24 April 1995
     Albert Sewall McDougall was born on 17 May 1912 in South Dakota.1 He was the son of Edward J. McDougall and Lulie Eva Roma Sewall.2 Albert Sewall McDougall died on 24 April 1995 in San Diego, California, at the age of 82.1


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Donald Monroe McDougall1,2

M, #22888, b. 11 September 1915, d. 4 September 2005
     Donald Monroe McDougall was born on 11 September 1915 in South Dakota.2 He was the son of Edward J. McDougall and Lulie Eva Roma Sewall.1 Donald Monroe McDougall died on 4 September 2005 in Minnesota at the age of 89.2


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Edward J. McDougall1

M, #21201, b. 3 August 1884, d. 17 September 1929
     Edward J. McDougall was born on 3 August 1884 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.2,3 He married Lulie Eva Roma Sewall, daughter of Albert Defiance Sewall and Dora Randina Belseth, on 3 June 1908 in Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota.4 Edward J. McDougall died on 17 September 1929 at the age of 455 and is buried in Britton Cemetery, Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota.5

Children of Edward J. McDougall and Lulie Eva Roma Sewall


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Archibald McDowall

M, #23723
     Archibald McDowall married Ada Sarah Coutts.

Child of Archibald McDowall and Ada Sarah Coutts

Janet Ada McDowall1

F, #4491, b. 15 May 1910
     Janet Ada McDowall is also recorded as Jan Tapp.1 She was born on 15 May 1910.1 She was the daughter of Dr. Valentine McDowall and Janet Lawrence Crombie. Janet Ada McDowall was living at Brisbane, New South Wales, on 23 September 1980.


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Dr. Valentine McDowall

M, #4488, b. 14 February 1881, d. 22 October 1957
     Dr. Valentine McDowall. A radiologist. He is also recorded as Val McDowall. He was born on 14 February 1881 in Maryborough, Queensland. He was the son of Archibald McDowall and Ada Sarah Coutts. Dr. Valentine McDowall married Janet Lawrence Crombie, daughter of William Crombie and Margaret Anne Cameron, on 12 January 1906 in Queensland;


WEDDING of Miss Janet Crombie, daughter of the late William Crombie, Esq., of Greenhill, and niece of Mrs. James Crombie, of Oriel, Oriel Road. Clayfield, to Dr. Valentine McDowall, youngest son of the former Surveyor-General of Queensland, took place last Friday after noon, the 12th inst., at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Creek Street. The service was taken by the venerable pastor of the Park Presbyterian Church, the Rev. David Mitchell. The bride was given away by her aunt, Mrs. James Crombie, from whose house the marriage took place, and her sister, Miss May Crombie, acted as her bridesmaid, and Mr. J. W. Hesslop as best man. The bride's dress was of white messaline, trimmed with ruching, worn with a berthe fastened over
a vest of Brussels net. She wore orange blossom and tulle veil, and carried a shower bouquet of roses, stephanotis, and lilies. The bridesmaid wore white Swiss muslin over glace, adorned with valenciennes lace, edging muslin frills; white chip hat with shaded ribbons, roses and foliage. Her bouquet was of shaded roses, tied with pale blue streamers. The pretty bouquets were made by the London and American florists. The church was decorated for the occasion, with palms and flowers and festoons of white Japanese crepe paper. A bell of white roses was suspended over the bridal couple. The grand new organ heard for the first time in nuptial music was skilfully played by the organist, Mr. Phillips, who chose the pretty Wedding March from Lohengrin, less familiar than that of Mendelssohn.
Mrs. James Crombie entertained a number of guests at her pretty house, Oriel, Clayfield, Eschenhagen catering for their entertainment. Among the relatives present were Mrs. Sword, Mrs. John Cameron, and Mrs. Donaldson. Among the many wedding presents given by friends of the bride were also presenta tions made to the bridegroom from friends in the South, his best man, Mr. J. W. Heaslop, of Brisbane, who is a medical student in Sydney, accompanying his friend from the South for the occasion. The bride's travelling dress was of dark blue voile, pleated skirt and bolero jacket over white vest; Breton hat trimmed with blue. The bride and brides maid's dresses and many of the guests were made by Miss Grogan, Kent's Buildings, Adelaide Street.
It will be remembered that Surveyor-General McDowall was one of the first victims of the Retrenchment System, which smote this state simultaneously with Federation. Mr. McDowall at this juncture took a house in Oriel Road, in close proximity to that of Mrs. James Crombie; and the attach ment between his medical son, then a student, and Mrs. Crombie's niece, their homes being not many yards apart, was a sequence. The young couple have left for Tasmania, where the bridegroom's parents are now. Queensland Figaro, 18 January 1906.1

Dr. Valentine McDowall was living in 26 Ascot Street, Ascot, Brisbane. He died on 22 October 1957 at the age of 76.

McDowall, Valentine (1881-1957)
by D. J. Robinson

Valentine McDowall (1881-1957), medical practitioner and wireless and television pioneer, was born on 14 February 1881, at Maryborough, Queensland, son of Archibald McDowall, and his wife Ada Sarah, née Coutts. He attended Brisbane Grammar School in 1895-99, then entered the University of Sydney medical school in 1900, graduating M. B. in 1905 before serving as a resident medical officer at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. On 12 January 1906 he married Janet Laurence Crombie, a grazier's daughter, at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Brisbane. Moving to Laidley in 1907, McDowall employed a battery-powered X-ray unit in his general practice. In 1915 he joined the Australian Imperial Force as captain, Army Medical Corps, and served in Egypt with the 1st Australian General Hospital, the 2nd and 14th Field Ambulance and from June 1916 with the 1st Australian Dermatological Hospital. He returned to Australia in May 1917 and his A. I. F. appointment ended in August.

Having taken his Ch. M. degree in Sydney in 1917, McDowall returned to Brisbane in 1919 and practised as a specialist in radiology and dermatology. After six months study in the United States of America in 1926 at the Rochester Clinic and elsewhere, he was reputedly the first doctor in Queensland to use radium in treatment. In the 1930s he worked as a radiographer and radiotherapist from Wickham Terrace and was senior honorary radiologist at the Brisbane General Hospital in 1919-34.

During World War II McDowall was temporary lieutenant-colonel, A. I. F., commanding the 117th A. G. H. early in 1942. He continued service as a visiting specialist in radiology at Greenslopes Repatriation General and other Brisbane hospitals.

Meanwhile he had been president of the Queensland branch of the British Medical Association in 1925, a founding fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, a fellow of the faculty of Radiologists of England and a foundation fellow of the College of Radiologists of Australasia (president, 1947). He advised on the founding of the Queensland Radium Institute and was a foundation member of the Biophysics Standing Advisory Committee (Queensland). He published in the Medical Journal of Australia and the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

From 1921 McDowall (with Thomas Elliot) pioneered regular programmes of recorded music on 4CM, his radio station at Preston House, Brisbane; they claimed the first live broadcast in Queensland from the stage of His Majesty's Theatre. In the 1930s they shifted 4CM to the old windmill on Wickham Terrace to experiment with low-resolution television broadcasting, and in October 1935 transmitted a legible page of the Courier Mail. Experiments continued until the war. Part of the equipment is preserved in the collection of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, of which McDowall was a member. He also belonged to the Royal Society of Queensland and the Queensland Club.

Kind and courteous to his patients, McDowall was always a keen sportsman who had been captain of his school's cricket team and a Sydney university rowing Blue; in later life he went shooting with his brother Dr Sandy McDowall and took his family yachting and deep-sea fishing. Enthusiastic about machinery, he had one of the first cars at Laidley and served on the committee of the Royal Queensland Aero Club in 1935-41, while securing a private pilot's licence. He was a competent woodworker and manufactured and demonstrated excellent fireworks.

McDowall died at Ascot of cardiac disease on 22 October 1957, survived by his son and daughter. He was cremated after a Presbyterian service. Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 10, (MUP), 1986.2

Children of Dr. Valentine McDowall and Janet Lawrence Crombie


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