Mary Denning King1

F, #25945
     Mary Denning King married John King Van Rensselaer.1

Child of Mary Denning King and John King Van Rensselaer


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Nicholas LeRoy King1

M, #22779, b. 14 November 1924, d. 9 December 1992
     Nicholas LeRoy King was born on 14 November 1924 in New York City, New York.2 He was the son of Le Roy King and Mary Isabel Lockwood.1 Nicholas LeRoy King died on 9 December 1992 in New York City, New York, at the age of 68.2


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Patience King1

F, #12281
     Patience King married Job Young.

Child of Patience King and Job Young


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Rufus Adelia King1

F, #23631
     Rufus Adelia King married William Wadsworth Bryant.1

Child of Rufus Adelia King and William Wadsworth Bryant


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Seth King1

M, #5664, b. 1778, d. 1851
     Seth King married Anna Preston.1 Seth King was born in 1778.2 He was the son of Eliphalet King and Mary Remington.1 Seth King died in 1851.1

Child of Seth King and Anna Preston


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Stephen Geoffrey King

M, #4331
     Stephen Geoffrey King married Adele Saranette Donaldson, daughter of Albert Alexander Donaldson and Jessie Webster Crombie, on 21 August 1929 in Brisbane.

William Dudley King1

M, #2182, b. 28 December 1890, d. 30 January 1960
     William Dudley King was born on 28 December 1890 in Woodford, Essex, England, his birth was registered in West Ham in the quarter ending Mar 1891.1,2 He was the son of Frederick King and Susan Bates.1 William Dudley King emigrated in 1910 America on the Teutonic landing in New York. The passenger list gives his occupation as farmer and his final destination as San Jacinto, California.3 He married firstly Anna Amelia Krassin circa 1916.4 William Dudley King married secondly Elizabeth (Betty) Jane Sewell, daughter of Herbert Grant De Quincy Sewell and Sarah Miller Knox, on 31 October 1947 in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.5 William Dudley King died on 30 January 1960 in San Diego, California, at the age of 69.1 He was buried in Fort Rosecrans, San Diego, California.1


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Alice Maud Kingdon1,2

F, #21574, b. 26 April 1911
     Alice Maud Kingdon was born on 26 April 1911.3 The marriage of Alice Maud Kingdon and Francis George Selley was registered in the quarter ending June 1939 in the Honiton, Devon, Registration District.1


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Diantha Kingman

F, #23167
     Diantha Kingman married Rufus S. Noyes in 1847.

Child of Diantha Kingman and Rufus S. Noyes

Captain Ezra Kingman1

M, #5230
     Captain Ezra Kingman married Susanna Whitman.1

Child of Captain Ezra Kingman and Susanna Whitman


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Hannah Kingman1

F, #5229
     Hannah Kingman was the daughter of Captain Ezra Kingman and Susanna Whitman.1 Hannah Kingman married Hon. Simon Greenleaf, son of Moses Greenleaf and Lydia Parsons, on 18 September 1806.1,2

Children of Hannah Kingman and Hon. Simon Greenleaf


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Joane Kingman1

F, #11686, b. circa 1623/24, d. before 1697
     Joane Kingman was born circa 1623/24 in England.1 She married Thomas Holbrook circa 1650.1 Joane Kingman died before 1697 in Massachusetts.1

Child of Joane Kingman and Thomas Holbrook


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Elizabeth Kingsbury1

F, #2938
     Elizabeth Kingsbury married Samuel Titcomb, son of John Titcomb, on 2 September 1740.1

Children of Elizabeth Kingsbury and Samuel Titcomb


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John Kingsbury1

M, #9508, b. 3 February 1718, d. 22 August 1764
     John Kingsbury was born on 3 February 1718 in Newbury.1 He married Patience Toppan, daughter of Abraham Toppan and Esther Wigglesworth, on 7 September 1739 in Newbury, Massachusetts.1,2 John Kingsbury died on 22 August 1764 in Boston at the age of 46.1

Child of John Kingsbury and Patience Toppan


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John Kingsbury1

M, #9509
     John Kingsbury was the son of John Kingsbury and Patience Toppan.1

Child of John Kingsbury


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Patience Kingsbury1

F, #9510, b. 16 November 1769, d. 27 October 1859
     Patience Kingsbury was born on 16 November 1769.2 She was the daughter of John Kingsbury.1 Patience Kingsbury died on 27 October 1859 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, at the age of 89.2

Child of Patience Kingsbury


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Sally Kingsbury1

F, #19772
     Sally Kingsbury married Enoch Remick.1

Child of Sally Kingsbury and Enoch Remick


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Sarah Kingsbury1

F, #5680
     Sarah Kingsbury married Benjamin Donnell.1

Child of Sarah Kingsbury and Benjamin Donnell


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Major Fitzhardinge Kingscote

M, #8365, b. 16 March 1837, d. 9 May 1900
     Major Fitzhardinge Kingscote. Of Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade. He was born on 16 March 1837.1 He married Agnes Grant Stuart, daughter of John Stuart and Elizabeth Van Rensselaer Powell, on 17 July 1863.2 Major Fitzhardinge Kingscote died on 9 May 1900 in Furbogh, County Galway, Ireland, at the age of 63.1


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Henry W. Kingsland1

M, #13967
     Henry W. Kingsland married Sarah Jauncey.

Child of Henry W. Kingsland and Sarah Jauncey


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Mary Caroline Kingsland1

F, #13950, b. 21 June 1804, d. 21 July 1894
     Mary Caroline Kingsland was born on 21 June 1804 in Kingsland, Bergen County, New Jersey.1,2 She was the daughter of Henry W. Kingsland and Sarah Jauncey.1 Mary Caroline Kingsland married Arent Henry Schuyler, son of John Arent Schuyler and Eliza Kip, on 24 April 1828 in Belleville, New Jersey.1 Mary Caroline Kingsland died on 21 July 1894 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, at the age of 902 and is buried in Christ Church Cemetery and Mausoleum, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.2

Children of Mary Caroline Kingsland and Arent Henry Schuyler


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Anne Kingsmill1

F, #19365
     Anne Kingsmill married Lawrence William Mercer on 16 September 1845 in St. Mark's Church, Niagara, Ontario.1


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Esmée Grace Bernard Kingsmill1

F, #8451, d. 16 August 1887
     Esmée Grace Bernard Kingsmill was the daughter of Sheriff John Juchereau Kingsmill and Agnes Caroline Grace Bernard.1 Esmée Grace Bernard Kingsmill died on 16 August 1887.1


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Sheriff John Juchereau Kingsmill1

M, #8449
     Sheriff John Juchereau Kingsmill married Agnes Caroline Grace Bernard, daughter of Lucius Fitzgerald Bernard and Ann Ellen Jarvis, on 14 September 1884.1

Child of Sheriff John Juchereau Kingsmill and Agnes Caroline Grace Bernard


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George Kingston1

M, #23398

Child of George Kingston


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Susan Kingston

F, #21265, b. circa 1870, d. 28 June 1892
     Susan Kingston was born circa 1870 in at sea.1 She was the daughter of George Kingston.1 Susan Kingston married William Harmon Sewall, son of William Harmon Sewall and Lydia Jane Moore, on 11 August 1891 in Boston, Massachusetts.1 Susan Kingston died on 28 June 1892 in Boston, Massachusetts,
A Deliberate Suicide.
A Woman, With Her Infant in Her Arms, Jumps From a Fourth-Story Window to Her Death.

The passers by at the corner of Shawmut ave. and West Dedham st. about 9 o'clock last night were horrified to see a woman with an infant in her arms strike the sidewalk in front of the four-story brick building numbered 366 Shawmut ave. The woman was Mrs. Susan Sewall, and the child her infant daughter, Grace M., nine months old. Both are dead. The woman struck on her head and shoulders and her skull was crushed like an egg shell. She lived but a few moments after striking the sidewalk
Dr. Fernald had been hurriedly summoned, and found her pulse beating faintly, but all was soon over. The child fell under the woman, and received a concussion of the brain, compound fracture of the right shoulder, right hip and wrist. From all that could be learned the woman made a deliberate and successful attempt at self-destruction.
The husband of the woman, W.H. Sewall, was taken into custody by an officer and locked up at station 5 on suspicion, and to await an examination by the court. The Sewalls have been married for nearly two years, but of late have lived unhappily and quarrels have been frequent. It is said that they had a quarrel but a few moments before Mrs. Sewall committed her rash act, and that the husband had left the room in a rage and had gone, as she thought, from the building. Boston Daily Advertiser, 29 June 1892.2

Child of Susan Kingston and William Harmon Sewall


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William Connell Kingston1

M, #10171
     The marriage of William Connell Kingston and Catherine Marky Murdie was registered in the quarter ending 1920 in the Victoria registration district.2,1


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Eleanor Corrine Kinnaman1

F, #24205, b. 4 September 1926, d. 9 December 1991
     Eleanor Corrine Kinnaman was born on 4 September 1926 in Iowa City, Iowa.2,3 She was the daughter of Joseph H. Kinnaman and Eleanor F. Kirkendale. Eleanor Corrine Kinnaman married Samuel Addison Sewall, son of Samuel Donnell Sewall and Gladys Edith A. Labdon, on 17 June 1950 in Stewart Manor, Nassau County, New York.1 Eleanor Corrine Kinnaman died on 9 December 1991 in Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina, at the age of 652 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina.4


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Joseph H. Kinnaman

M, #24691
     Joseph H. Kinnaman married Eleanor F. Kirkendale.

Child of Joseph H. Kinnaman and Eleanor F. Kirkendale

Helen Buell Kinney1

F, #1975

Children of Helen Buell Kinney and James Bell Lundy Grout


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