Walter Barbour1

M, #18509
     Walter Barbour was the son of John Barbour and Margery Wolseley.1,2


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Elizabeth Barclay1

F, #16246, b. 1776, d. 1817
     Elizabeth Barclay was born in 1776.1 She married Schuyler Livingston, son of Walter Livingston and Cornelia Schuyler.1 Elizabeth Barclay died in 1817.1

Child of Elizabeth Barclay and Schuyler Livingston


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Jane Barclay

F, #23075, b. circa 1844
     Jane Barclay was born circa 1844 in Lymington, Hampshire. She married Capt. Thomas Edward Symonds RN, son of Admiral Thomas Edward Symonds and Lucinde Marie Louise Antoinette Touzi, after 1 June 1876 in St. John, Hampstead.

Sir Edmund Bardolf1

M, #18639, b. between 1366 and 1385
     Sir Edmund Bardolf (fl. Between 1366 and 1385.)1 He married Katherine de Peletoyt, daughter of Sir Philip de Peletoyt of Watton Woodhall.1


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Anne Marie Bardon

F, #1269, b. 6 January 1860, d. 1939
     Anne Marie Bardon was born on 6 January 1860 in Tulle. She was the daughter of Antoine Victor Bardon and Marie Trech. Anne Marie Bardon married Andrè Bayard on 25 February 1889 in Tulle. Anne Marie Bardon died in 1939 in La Geurche.

Child of Anne Marie Bardon and Andrè Bayard

Antoine Victor Bardon

M, #1267, b. 18 August 1827
     Antoine Victor Bardon was born on 18 August 1827 in Tulle. He was the son of Charles Bardon and Marie Caroline Touzi. Antoine Victor Bardon married Marie Trech on 23 May 1850 in Tulle.

Child of Antoine Victor Bardon and Marie Trech

Charles Bardon

M, #1266, b. 1 January 1806
     Charles Bardon was born on 1 January 1806 in Tulle. He married Marie Caroline Touzi, daughter of Jean Baptiste Touzi and Marie Ursule Faucher, on 17 February 1829 in Tulle.

Child of Charles Bardon and Marie Caroline Touzi

Orestes Bardwell

M, #17520
     Orestes Bardwell married Emeline W. Whittier, daughter of Charles Coffin Sewall and Julia Ann Doane, in 1845.1


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Elizabeth Barker1

F, #10938, d. 24 March 1620/21
     Elizabeth Barker married Governor Edward Winslow, son of Edward Winslow and Magdalen Oliver, after 12 May 1618 in Leyden, Holland.1 Elizabeth Barker died on 24 March 1620/21 in Plymouth s.n.p.1


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Elizabeth Hazzard Barker1

F, #16112, b. circa 1837
     Elizabeth Hazzard Barker was born circa 1837 in Albany, New York.1,2 She married George Higginson, son of George Higginson and Mary Cabot Lee.1

Children of Elizabeth Hazzard Barker and George Higginson


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Fred A Barker1

M, #22311
     Fred A Barker married Catherine C. Fries.1

Child of Fred A Barker and Catherine C. Fries


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Fred Albert Barker1

M, #22310, b. circa 1887
     Fred Albert Barker was born circa 1887 in Bellows Falls, Vermont.1 He was the son of Fred A Barker and Catherine C. Fries.1 Fred Albert Barker married Annie May Morse, daughter of James D. Morse and Emma C. Carlile, on 10 October 1914 in Bellows Falls, Vermont.1


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Mary Barker1

F, #3669
     Mary Barker married Joseph Scott.1

Child of Mary Barker and Joseph Scott


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Samuel Carr Barker1,2

M, #12822, b. 29 October 1815, d. 1853
     Samuel Carr Barker was born on 29 October 1815 in Dresden, Maine, (or 29 December 1815, depending on the transcription used.)2 He was the son of Turner Barker and Isabella Morrison.2,3 Samuel Carr Barker married Mary Jane Sewall, daughter of John Sewall and Cynthia A. Fickett, on 7 June 1851 in Bangor, Maine.1 Samuel Carr Barker died in 1853.4


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Susan Barker1

F, #25882, b. 10 September 1808
     Susan Barker was born on 10 September 1808.1 She married Dr. Charles May Windship, son of Dr. Charles Williams Windship and Catherine May, in 1831.1

Children of Susan Barker and Dr. Charles May Windship


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Timothy Barker1

M, #12766, b. 4 February 1774, d. 1 March 1816
     Timothy Barker was born on 4 February 1774.1 He married Susannah Bourne, daughter of Benjamin Bourne and Hannah Sewall, on 15 February 1798 in Wells.1 Timothy Barker died on 1 March 1816 in Boston at the age of 42.1


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Turner Barker1

M, #22550
     Turner Barker married Isabella Morrison on 6 June 1813 in Dresden, Maine.2

Child of Turner Barker and Isabella Morrison


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Virginia H. Barker1

F, #19767
     Virginia H. Barker married James C. Jordan.1

Child of Virginia H. Barker and James C. Jordan


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Laura A. Barler1

F, #16054, b. 17 September 1886, d. 13 August 1976
     Laura A. Barler was born on 17 September 1886 in Iowa.2 She was the daughter of Richard O. Barler. Laura A. Barler married Hon. Arthur Sewall, son of William Dunning Sewall and Mary Locke Sumner, on 18 November 1916 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.1 Laura A. Barler died on 13 August 1976 at Stonehouse Farm, Bath, Maine, at the age of 89.3,4

Laura Sewall AITKEN
Died Friday, at Stonehouse Farm in Bath, Me.
Her first husband, Arthur Sewall, was the former mayor at Bath and president of the Bath National Bank. In 1964 she married Air Vice Marshall Robert Stanley Aitken. In addition to her husband, she is survived by one son, William E. Sewall, of Bainbridge Island, Wash; one daughter, Mary Sewall Hyde, Winchester, Va. And one sister, Mrs. Helen Bouchelle, Palm Beach Shores, Fla.4

Children of Laura A. Barler and Hon. Arthur Sewall


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Richard O. Barler

M, #25423

Child of Richard O. Barler

Sarah Barnard

F, #7625, d. 22 June 1770
     Sarah Barnard was the daughter of Thomas Barnard and Mary Woodbridge.1 Sarah Barnard married Hon. Jonathan Jackson, son of Edward Jackson and Dorothy Quincy, on 3 January 1767 in Salem, Massachusetts.1 Sarah Barnard died on 22 June 1770 in Newburyport.1


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Thomas Barnard1

M, #14169
     Thomas Barnard married Mary Woodbridge.

Child of Thomas Barnard and Mary Woodbridge


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Adelinda Louisa Barnes1

F, #23752, b. 24 September 1848, d. 28 October 1926
     Adelinda Louisa Barnes was born on 24 September 1848 in Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Thomas Z. Barnes and Salome J. Abbott.3 Adelinda Louisa Barnes married James Edward Sewall, son of Stephen Sewall and Rhoda Ann Hoyt, on 28 June 1869 in Concord, New Hampshire.3 Adelinda Louisa Barnes died on 28 October 1926 at 76 Warren Street, Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, at the age of 78 of cancer of the uterus.2

Children of Adelinda Louisa Barnes and James Edward Sewall


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Clara Barnes1

F, #6428, b. 1839
     Clara Barnes was born in 1839.1 She married Calvin Tracy Hazen, son of Andrew Tracy Hazen and Sarah Wood Dimick.1

Children of Clara Barnes and Calvin Tracy Hazen


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Elizabeth Barnes1

F, #921, d. 29 July 1827
     Elizabeth Barnes was born in Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of William Barnes. Elizabeth Barnes married James Caldwell, son of William Caldwell, in 1774. Elizabeth Barnes died on 29 July 1827 in Albany, New York.

Children of Elizabeth Barnes and James Caldwell


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Emeline Matilda Barnes

F, #12678, b. 6 December 1835, d. 12 December 1889
     Emeline Matilda Barnes was born on 6 December 1835 in Maine.1 She married Rev. Rufus King Sewall, son of Rufus King Sewall and Phoebe W. Merrill, on 13 November 1862 in Brooklyn, New York, the service was conducted by by the Rev. Dr. Buddington.2 Emeline Matilda Barnes died on 12 December 1889 in Wiscasset, Lincoln County, Maine, at the age of 541,3 and is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Wiscasset, Lincoln County, Maine.4

Children of Emeline Matilda Barnes and Rev. Rufus King Sewall


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Dr. Samuel Denham Barnes1

M, #26156, b. 7 November 1869, d. 19 October 1952
     Dr. Samuel Denham Barnes was born on 7 November 1869 in Morely, Scott County, Missouri.1,2 He married Mary Sewall Buck, daughter of Franklin A. Buck and Jennie M. Pierce, on 8 September 1937 in Los Angeles County, California.1 Dr. Samuel Denham Barnes died on 19 October 1952 in Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, at the age of 82.2,3


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Thomas Z. Barnes

M, #23753
     Thomas Z. Barnes married Salome J. Abbott on 14 October 1847 in Nashville, New Hampshire.1

Child of Thomas Z. Barnes and Salome J. Abbott


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William Barnes

M, #922

Child of William Barnes

Rev. William Barnes D.D.1

M, #10354, b. 8 February 1814, d. 1 May 1890
     Rev. William Barnes D.D. was born on 8 February 1814 in Ohio.1 He graduated in 1839 from Yale and completed his theological training the following year. He was made D.D. by Yale in 1850.1 He married firstly Eunice A. Hubbard on 18 August 1842. There were four children of this marriage.2 Rev. William Barnes D.D. married secondly Susan Elizabeth Sewall, daughter of William Sewall and Elizabeth Ward Middleton, on 1 August 1878 in Jacksonville.1,3 Rev. William Barnes D.D. died on 1 May 1890 in Jacksonville, Illinois, at the age of 76.1


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