Harriet Amelia English1

F, #10312, b. 19 May 1840, d. 23 May 1881
     Harriet Amelia English was born on 19 May 1840.1 She married William H. Cole, son of Robert Cole and Catherine Taliaferro Hooe Sewall, on 1 October 1876 they settled in Van Etten, New York.1 Harriet Amelia English died on 23 May 1881 at the age of 41.1

Child of Harriet Amelia English and William H. Cole


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Harriet Maria English1

F, #26509, b. 1792, d. 23 June 1854
     Harriet Maria English was born in 1792.1 She was the daughter of Joshua English and Elizabeth Adamson. Harriet Maria English married Col. Robert John Singleton.1 Harriet Maria English died on 23 June 18542 and is buried in Montpelier Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rembert, Marengo County, Alabama.3

Children of Harriet Maria English and Col. Robert John Singleton


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Harriet Marie English1

F, #17012, b. 1833, d. 1865
     Harriet Marie English was born in 1833 in Alabama.2 She was the daughter of David English and Sarah Angelica (Ann) Singleton.1 Harriet Marie English married Dr. William Henry Bridges, son of John Whipple Bridges and Eleanor Brooke Jones, on 12 March 1851 in Clarke, Alabama.3 Harriet Marie English died in 18651 and is buried in Old Waverly Cemetery, New Waverly, Texas.4

Children of Harriet Marie English and Dr. William Henry Bridges


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Joshua English

M, #26651
     Joshua English married Elizabeth Adamson.

Child of Joshua English and Elizabeth Adamson

Priscilla English1

F, #10672, d. 25 March 1808
     Priscilla English was the daughter of Captain Alexander English.2 Priscilla English married Richard Wibird Cooper, son of William Cooper and Katherine Wendell, on 17 December 1787 in Petersburg, Virginia.2 Priscilla English died on 25 March 1808.2

Children of Priscilla English and Richard Wibird Cooper


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Capt. Daniel Eps1

M, #13212, b. 8 November 1710, d. 1780
     Capt. Daniel Eps was born on 8 November 1710 in Boston.1 He married Hannah Prescott, daughter of Rev. Benjamin Prescott and Elizabeth Higginson, on 29 December 1737 in Salem.1 Capt. Daniel Eps died in 1780 in Salem, Massachusetts.1


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Joan Ercall1

F, #18150
     Joan Ercall was the daughter of William Ercall.1 Joan Ercall married secondly Sir John Chetwynd Lord of Chetwynd and Weston, son of Adam de Chetwynd of Cublesdon and Eva de Oswaldestre, after 1320.1

Child of Joan Ercall


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William Ercall1

M, #18152
     Of High Ercall, Shropshire.1

Child of William Ercall


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Grace D. Ernst1

F, #17530, b. 27 August 1899
     Grace D. Ernst was born on 27 August 1899 in Chicago.1 She married Harold Frederick Eddy, son of Frederick A. Eddy and Inez Gonzola Emery.1


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Elizabeth M. Errington1

F, #4917, b. 1911
     Elizabeth M. Errington was born in 1911 in Maryland.1 She married James Julian Gale, son of Winton Charles Gale and Bartha Milde.1


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George Henry Errington

M, #24510

Child of George Henry Errington

Maude Errington1

F, #24509
     Maude Errington was the daughter of George Henry Errington. Maude Errington married Major General Finlay Cochrane Beatson C.B., son of Surgeon General George Stewart Beatson C.B. and Mary Jane Cochrane, on 14 January 1890 in Pear Tree Church, Southampton.1


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Charles Erskine1

M, #21904, b. circa 1771, d. 26 January 1825
     Charles Erskine. Of Shielfield, Dryburgh. He was born circa 1771.2 He married Barbara Pott, daughter of George Pott of Todrig and Barbara Turnbull, on 24 January 1806 in Borthwickshiels.3 Charles Erskine died on 26 January 1825.2


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Christian Erskine1

F, #11504
     Christian Erskine was the daughter of Robert Erskine, Lord Erskine (later) Earl of Mar and Elizabeth Lindsay.1 Christian Erskine married firstly Patrick Graham, 1st Baron Graham.1 Christian Erskine married secondly William Charteris of Kinfauns in 1476.2 Christian Erskine was living in 1479.2

Child of Christian Erskine and Patrick Graham, 1st Baron Graham


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James Erskine of Shielfield1

M, #21912
     James Erskine of Shielfield married Barbara Pott, daughter of George Pott of Borthwickshiels and Katharine Reid, in 1841.1


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Robert Erskine, Lord Erskine (later) Earl of Mar1

M, #11505, d. 7 September 1451 or 6 November 1452
     Robert Erskine, Lord Erskine (later) Earl of Mar married Elizabeth Lindsay, daughter of David Lindsay First Earl of Crawford and Katherine (also called Jean or Elizabeth) Stewart, circa 20 December 1400.1 Robert Erskine, Lord Erskine (later) Earl of Mar died on 7 September 1451 or 6 November 1452.1

Child of Robert Erskine, Lord Erskine (later) Earl of Mar and Elizabeth Lindsay


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Sarah Erving1

F, #11096
     Sarah Erving married Samuel Waldo Jr., son of General Samuel Waldo and Lucy Wainwright, in March 1762.2

Child of Sarah Erving and Samuel Waldo Jr.


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Alice Eshehurst1

F, #10577
     Alice Eshehurst married Thomas Denne, son of Michael Denne and Christiana Coombe of Lymne.1

Child of Alice Eshehurst and Thomas Denne


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Carl Espenson

M, #25158
     Carl Espenson married Mabel Peterson.

Child of Carl Espenson and Mabel Peterson

Lucille Minnie Espenson1

F, #23531, b. 2 March 1924, d. 14 April 2011
     Lucille Minnie Espenson was born on 2 March 1924 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.2 She was the daughter of Carl Espenson and Mabel Peterson. Lucille Minnie Espenson married Robert Benford Sewall, son of Ralph Benford Sewall and Evelyn Carlson, on 26 July 1943 in Hennepin County, Minnesota.3 Lucille Minnie Espenson died on 14 April 2011 in Casa Grande, Pinal County, Arizona, at the age of 874 and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Casa Grande, Pinal County, Arizona.5

Lucille Sewall, 87, of Casa Grande died on April 14, 2011, at Hospice Family Care.
Mrs. Sewall was born on March 2, 1924, in Minneapolis and was a daughter of Carl Espensen and Mabel Peterson. She was a homemaker and was a good cook and housekeeper. She also worked for the Circulation Department at Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc. for 15 years. She loved reading, sewing, gardening and flowers. She was devoted to her family and loved her grandchildren very much. She was outgoing and loved to travel and bowl in leagues.
Survivors include her husband of 68 years, Robert, with whom she spent 72 years; a son, Michael Sewall of Minnesota; a daughter, Cheryl Gutierrez of Casa Grande; a sister, Shirley Gangelohoff of Minnesota; five grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by a daughter, Marsha Stagg; a brother, Charles Espensen; and a sister, Charlotte Welin.6

Child of Lucille Minnie Espenson and Robert Benford Sewall


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Mayeke Van Ess1

F, #7787
     Mayeke Van Ess is also recorded as Mayken Van Ness.2 She married Abraham Wendell, son of Evert Jansen Wendell and Maritje Abrahamse Vosburgh, on 12 April 1698.1


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Bertha M. Estabrook

F, #4827, b. 3 April 1877, d. 20 January 1961
     Bertha M. Estabrook was born on 3 April 1877 in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.1 She was the daughter of Leonard A. Estabrook and Antoinette G. Stearns.2 Bertha M. Estabrook married Dr. Dean Spencer Drake.2 Bertha M. Estabrook died on 20 January 1961 in Hartford, Windsor, Vermont, at the age of 83.1


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Leonard A. Estabrook1

M, #4826, b. 1843, d. 1924
     Leonard A. Estabrook was born in 1843.1 He married Antoinette G. Stearns, daughter of Oliver Lathrop Stearns and Betsey Wood.1 Leonard A. Estabrook married Jessie Grace Stearns, daughter of Oliver Lathrop Stearns and Betsey Wood, on 21 March 1882 in Lebanon, New Hampshire.2 Leonard A. Estabrook died in 1924.1

Child of Leonard A. Estabrook and Antoinette G. Stearns


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Katherine Eusteen1

F, #22953
     Katherine Eusteen married Augustus Ferdinand Wiegel.1

Child of Katherine Eusteen and Augustus Ferdinand Wiegel


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Aurora Eustis1

F, #26130, b. 25 July 1851, d. 20 September 1928
     Aurora Eustis was born on 25 July 1851 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.1 She married Ralph Dwinel Cleveland, son of Horace William Shaler Cleveland and Maryann Dwinel.1 Aurora Eustis died on 20 September 1928 in Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut, at the age of 77.1


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Almon Evans1

M, #6493, b. circa July 1808, d. 28 May 1876
     Almon Evans was born circa July 1808 in Vermont.2,3 He married Martha Maria Dana, daughter of Jedediah Dana and Martha G. Wood, on 17 May 1838 in New Hampshire.1,4 Almon Evans died on 28 May 1876 in New Hampshire.3

Child of Almon Evans and Martha Maria Dana


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Brian Herbert Victor Evans1

M, #24857
     Brian Herbert Victor Evans married Auriol Joan Bartlett Allen, daughter of Hugh Evelyn Allen and Christabel Emily Sarah Beech, on 2 February 1965 in Kensington, London.1


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Charles Evans

M, #21620
     The marriage of Charles Evans and Alman Seddon was registered in the quarter ending December 1881 in the Birkenhead registration district.

Child of Charles Evans and Alman Seddon

Charlotte T. Evans

F, #17728, b. 9 April 1872, d. 8 August 1964
     Charlotte T. Evans was born on 9 April 1872 in Annapolis, Maryland.1,2 She was the daughter of Rear-Admiral Robley Dunglison Evans and Charlotte Taylor.1 Charlotte T. Evans married Charles Carleton Marsh on 8 May 1897 in Fort Monroe, Virginia.1,3 Charlotte T. Evans died on 8 August 1964 in Florence, Italy, at the age of 92.2


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Clarice Evans1

F, #25823, b. circa 1910
     Clarice Evans was born circa 1910 in Kansas.1 She was the daughter of James Merle Evans and Nettie Adelia Shaw.1


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