Eva Edge1,2

F, #20539, b. circa 1876
     Eva Edge was born circa 1876 in Bolton, Lancashire.1 The marriage of Eva Edge and Dr. John Willis Marshall was registered in the quarter ending September 1897 in the Fylde registration district.2

Children of Eva Edge and Dr. John Willis Marshall


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Loyall Howard Edge1

M, #2191, b. 25 April 1929, d. 6 June 1978
     Loyall Howard Edge was born on 25 April 1929 in Washington, District of Columbia.2,3 He was the son of Governor Walter Evans Edge and Camilla Loyall Ashe Sewall.4 Loyall Howard Edge died on 6 June 1978 in Tallahassee, Florida, at the age of 49.3


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Mary Esther Edge1

F, #17292, b. 21 May 1926, d. 1977
     Mary Esther Edge was born on 21 May 1926 in Washington, District of Columbia.2 She was the daughter of Governor Walter Evans Edge and Camilla Loyall Ashe Sewall.1 Mary Esther Edge married John Hayter MacFadyen on 24 May 1952.1 Mary Esther Edge died in 1977.3


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Walter E. Edge Jr.1

M, #13284, b. 10 July 1915, d. 14 June 1996
     Walter E. Edge Jr. was born on 10 July 1915.2 He was the son of Governor Walter Evans Edge.1 Walter E. Edge Jr. died on 14 June 1996 at the age of 80.2


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Governor Walter Evans Edge1

M, #2190, b. 20 November 1873, d. 29 October 1956
     Governor Walter Evans Edge. Governor of New Jersey and United States Senator.2 He was born on 20 November 1873 in Philadelphia.2 He married firstly Lady Lee Phillips on 5 June 1907 in Shelby, Tennessee.3 Governor Walter Evans Edge married secondly Camilla Loyall Ashe Sewall, daughter of Harold Marsh Sewall and Camilla Loyall Ashe, on 9 December 1922 in Bath, Maine.4 In 1930 he was a United States Ambassador to France.1 Governor Walter Evans Edge died on 29 October 1956 at the age of 82.5

Child of Governor Walter Evans Edge

Children of Governor Walter Evans Edge and Camilla Loyall Ashe Sewall


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Dr. David Marks Edgerly1

M, #15354, b. 11 August 1839, d. 20 December 1892
     Dr. David Marks Edgerly was born on 11 August 1839 in New Hampshire.1 He married Caroline Lucinda Cooper, daughter of Samuel Thatcher Cooper and Caroline Lucinda Flint Abbott, on 30 June 1868 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.2 Dr. David Marks Edgerly died on 20 December 1892 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the age of 53.3


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James Dennis Edmonds1

M, #22565, b. circa 1889, d. 1965
     James Dennis Edmonds was born circa 1889 in Mississippi.2,3 He married Trudie Emily Powell before 1930.2 James Dennis Edmonds died in 1965 in Texas.3


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Alice Edmunds1

F, #5504
     Alice Edmunds married Rev. John Ward, son of Rev. Nathaniel Ward.1

Children of Alice Edmunds and Rev. John Ward


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Sir Frederick Thomas Edridge

M, #20074, b. 22 January 1843, d. 3 October 1921
     Sir Frederick Thomas Edridge was born on 22 January 1843. He married Elizabeth Sara Eastty, daughter of Joseph Mortleman Eastty and Elizabeth Sharp, in 1867. Sir Frederick Thomas Edridge died on 3 October 1921 in Bramley Croft, South Croydon, at the age of 78.1

Sir Frederick Thomas Edrldge, who died at Croydon on Monday, in his 79th year, was a benefactor to the borough, of which he was five times mayor and the first honorary freeman.
The son of Sir Thomas Richard Edridge, Kt., of The Elms, Croydon; he was born in 1843, and was educated at Marlborough. His benefactions included gifts to Croydon General Hospital, Croydon Parish Church (where he was churchwarden for over 30 years); and the Whitgift Foundation (of which he was chairman). He gave a statue of Whitgift to the town, and to the Whitgift Grammar School he was especially generous, endowing a leaving exhibition of £50 a year, and various prizes, and providing, among other advantages, an armoury, a dark-room for photographers, and a sports changing room. To Croydon Town Hall he gave a clock and peal of bells, and he made over the crest of Pollards Hill, Norbury, as a public open space. He was the leader of the Conservative Party in the borough and was frequently pressed to stand for Parliament, but always declined.
Sir Frederick, who was knighted in 1897, was High Sheriff of Surrey in 1909, and was hon. colonel, 4th Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment from 1906 to 1919. He married, in 1867, Elizabeth Sara, daughter of J. M. Eastty, of Wellesley House, Croydon.2


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King Edward I, called Longshanks1

M, #11065, b. 17 June 1239, d. 7 July 1307
     King Edward I, called Longshanks was born on 17 June 1239 in Palace of Westminster, London.1 He was the son of Henry Plantagenet, Henry III, King of England and Eleanor Berenger.2 King Edward I, called Longshanks. He was created Duke of Gascony in 1254, and Earl of Chester on 14 February, 1254. He resigned the earldom of Chester on 24 December, 1264, but was restored to it on 4 August 1265. He succeeded his father as King of England on 20 November 1272 and was crowned on 19 August 1274, at Westminster Abbey.1 He married Eleanor of Castile,, daughter of King (?) Ferdinand III, King of Castile and Leon, on 18 October 1254.2 King Edward I, called Longshanks died on 7 July 1307 at the age of 68.2

Children of King Edward I, called Longshanks and Eleanor of Castile,


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King Edward II,

M, #11620, b. 25 April 1284, d. 21 September 1327
     King Edward II, was born on 25 April 1284. He was the son of King Edward I, called Longshanks and Eleanor of Castile. King Edward II, married Isabella of France, daughter of Philip of France, (Philip the Fair) Philip IV, King of France and Jeanne of Navarre,, on 25 January 1308. King Edward II, died on 21 September 1327 at the age of 43.

Child of King Edward II, and Isabella of France

King Edward III,1

M, #11618, b. 13 November 1312, d. 21 June 1377
     King Edward III, was born on 13 November 1312 in Windsor, Berkshire. He was the son of King Edward II, and Isabella of France. King Edward III, married Philippa of Hainault, daughter of William II of Hainault Count of Holland, on 24 January 1328. King Edward III, died on 21 June 1377 in Shene, Richmond, Surrey, at the age of 64.

Children of King Edward III, and Philippa of Hainault


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King Edward IV

M, #11780, b. 1442, d. 1483
     King Edward IV was born in 1442. He was the son of Richard Duke of York and Cecily Neville. King Edward IV married Elizabeth Wydville in 1464. King Edward IV died in 1483.

Child of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Wydville

Alma Edwards1

F, #7483, b. 1894
     Alma Edwards was born in 1894.1 She married John Alden Bailey Jr., son of John Alden Bailey and Adelia Malvina Alden, on 20 July 1916 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado.1,2

Children of Alma Edwards and John Alden Bailey Jr.


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Elizabeth Mary Jane Edwards1

F, #21462, b. circa 1823, d. 7 March 1841
     Elizabeth Mary Jane Edwards was born circa 1823.1 She was the daughter of Rev. Vincent Edwards and Jane Tindal.1 Elizabeth Mary Jane Edwards died on 7 March 1841.1


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James Edwards

M, #21284, b. 1757, d. 2 January 1816
     James Edwards was born in 1757. He married Catherine Bromhead, daughter of Rev. Edward Bromhead. James Edwards died on 2 January 18161 and was buried on 9 January 1816 in St Mary Churchyard, Harrow-on-the-Hill, London.1

Child of James Edwards and Catherine Bromhead


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James Edwards1

M, #22698, b. May 1809, d. August 1822
     James Edwards was born in May 1809.1 He was the son of James Edwards and Catherine Bromhead.1 James Edwards died in August 1822 at the age of 13.1


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Jane Edwards1

F, #1392, b. 20 March 1840, d. 10 April 1916
     Jane Edwards was born on 20 March 1840 in Mary Tavy, Devon.1 She was the daughter of Capt. Richard Edwards and Jane Pryor.1 Jane Edwards married Frederick George Sewell, son of Sheriff William Smith Sewell and Mary Isabella Smith, on 29 April 1857 in Houghton, Michigan.1 Jane Edwards appears on the census of 1870 at Portage, Houghton, Michigan.2 She married John Palmer Hunt on 18 September 1874 in Houghton, Michigan.1 Jane Edwards died on 10 April 1916 in Houghton, Michigan, at the age of 76.1

Children of Jane Edwards and Frederick George Sewell

Children of Jane Edwards and John Palmer Hunt


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Rev. Jonathan Edwards1

M, #14577, b. 1702, d. 23 February 1758
     Rev. Jonathan Edwards. President of Princetown College.1 He was born in 1702.2 He married Sarah Pierpont.3 Rev. Jonathan Edwards died on 23 February 1758.4

EDWARDS JONATHAN, president of Princetown College, in New Jersey, was the son of the rev. Timothy Edwards, pastor of the church in Windsor, Connecticut. He was born, 1702; graduated at Yale College, 1720; he was soon chosen tutor, for which office he was well qualified; being then distinguished for his abilities and learning. While he resided at college, he applied his mind closely to the study of divinity; and very soon after he began to preach, he was invited to settle at Northampton. Mr. Stoddard, who was then minister of the church, was his grandfather, and had lived to old age. It gave the highest satisfaction to that venerable man, to have one for his colleague and successor, whose gifts and graces were so extraordinary; and for whom he must naturally care more than for any other candidate whom the people might call. Mr. Edwards was, indeed, as a son with a father, the staff of his age, as well as a blessing to the people. Mr. Stoddard died, 1729. The church had been in peace and harmony. Both their ministers were highly esteemed at home and abroad. The practice of baptising children of persons making a profession of religion, who did not join in full communion, had not been called in question. Unhappily for the town of Northampton, a difference of opinion arose upon this subject; Mr. Edwards was fully persuaded in his own mind, that none but the children of communicants have a right to baptism; and it was his desire to bring the church over to the same way of thinking. He had thought much upon the subject, and in 1748 he published a quarto pamphlet, entitled, "an humble inquiry into the rules of the word of God concerning the qualifications for a full communion in the visible christian church." The rev. Solomon Williams wrote an answer to this ; to which Mr. Edwards replied. The dispute occasioned many divisions in churches, and the contention was so great in the church at Northampton that it issued in a separation. A council was called, which advised to a dismission. He resigned the pastoral office in 1750, and had an "honourable quietus." He was then invited to settle in the church at Stockbridge. The minister of that town was supported from the funds of the London society. Mr. Sargeant had been their missionary to the Indians; they elected Mr. Edwards to succeed him, and the inhabitants of the town joined heartily in the invitation. In this retired situation he made himself useful to the people both Indians and English, who sat under his ministry; and he had a fine opportunity to indulge his mind in those profound speculations, which had given him a distinction among the greatest men of the age.
When president Burr died, he was chosen to succeed him. He had good reasons for not accepting the place, but a sense of duty prevailed over every other consideration, and he removed to Princetown in New Jersey. In this station, which he adorned by his reputation, and where he might have been very useful if it had pleased Heaven to spare his life, he continued but a short time. He died of the small pox, Feb. 23, 1758. His death was universally lamented. Though many differed from him in theological opinions, yet all respected his piety and learning. As a preacher he was pathetick, serious, experimental; he had a small voice, and therefore was not popular among that class of people who think that to be zealous, and to cry aloud, is the same thing. But his performances in the pulpit were peculiarly acceptable to persons of serious views. They were plain, practical and adapted to the various capacities of his hearers; which is very remarkable, considering how much he wrote and thought upon doctrinal subjects. He was certainly a great controversial writer; most of his writings discover this turn of mind, and he has written very largely and ably upon many theological subjects. His book upon the "freedom of the will" is the most celebrated; this gives him a name among the greatest metaphysicians. Several professors of divinity in the Dutch universities sent him their thanks for the assistance he had given them in their inquiry into some doctrinal points, having carried his own further than any author they had ever seen. This book is written in opposition " to Arminian principles; " and the "Pelagian heresy;" Dr. Priestly, however, speaks highly of it, and says he should suppose an Arminian wrote it. The doctor is well known to be a high Supralapsarian, or Necessarian, which he will not allow to be a sentiment exclusively confined to Calvinistick divines. President Edwards' book is not so clear upon the subject as some others upon that side the question. The style is somewhat intricate, but it is a book of deep research; it discovers great application of mind, with uncommon strength of intellectual powers. This has been said of it, that it not only proves him a man of great genius, but lt the superiour force of argument has baffled all opposition. His "treatise upon the affections" is another work of great celebrity, and has been read more than his "essay on the freedom of the will." He published many works, and left many in mss. Since his death have been printed, "his defence of the doctrine of original sin;" a volume upon the "nature of virtue;" the "history of redemption," &c. All his works have been collected lately, in eight volumes, of which there is a very good American edition, with "memoirs of his life." President Edwards left ten children. Of his posterity there are now several who are very conspicuous among the literary and famous men of New England. Eliot: Biographical Dictionary of New England, p. 171.2

Child of Rev. Jonathan Edwards and Sarah Pierpont


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Joseph W. Edwards1

M, #22340
     Joseph W. Edwards married Lizzie Fields.1

Child of Joseph W. Edwards and Lizzie Fields


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Julia Augusta Edwards

F, #18879
     Julia Augusta Edwards married Edward Alling Noyes.

Child of Julia Augusta Edwards and Edward Alling Noyes

Lizzie Ann Edwards1

F, #12717, b. 10 February 1866, d. 17 November 1920
     Lizzie Ann Edwards was born on 10 February 1866 in Searsport, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Joseph W. Edwards and Lizzie Fields.2 Lizzie Ann Edwards married firstly Wilmot Sewall Dow, son of Oliver Smith Dow and Pauline Wentworth Sewall, on 13 July 1885 in Dyer Brook, Maine, the marriage was performed by The Rev. G.W. Stearns of Patten, Maine.3 Lizzie Ann Edwards married secondly Fleetwood Pride on 1 September 1895 in Island Falls, Maine.4 Lizzie Ann Edwards died on 17 November 1920 in Houlton, Maine, at the age of 54 of Bright's disease.2

Children of Lizzie Ann Edwards and Wilmot Sewall Dow


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Mary Edwards1

F, #14576, b. 4 April 1734, d. 28 February 1807
     Mary Edwards was born on 4 April 1734 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Rev. Jonathan Edwards and Sarah Pierpont.1,3 Mary Edwards married Major Timothy Dwight, son of Col. Timothy Dwight and Experience King, on 8 November 1750 in New Jersey.4 Mary Edwards died on 28 February 1807 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, at the age of 72.5,2

Children of Mary Edwards and Major Timothy Dwight


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Capt. Richard Edwards1

M, #1393, b. 1809
     Capt. Richard Edwards was born in 1809 of Calstock, Cornwall.1 He married Jane Pryor.1

Child of Capt. Richard Edwards and Jane Pryor


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Robert Ogden Edwards1

M, #6844, b. 30 September 1772
     Robert Ogden Edwards was born on 30 September 1772. He married Hannah Pomroy on 13 January 1813 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.1,2


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Susanna Haigh Edwards1

F, #13964, b. 1826, d. 23 January 1870
     Susanna Haigh Edwards was born in 1826.1 She married Jacob Rutsen Schuyler, son of John Arent Schuyler and Catherine Van Rensselaer, on 18 November 1847.1 Susanna Haigh Edwards died on 23 January 1870.1


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Rev. Vincent Edwards1

M, #9843, b. circa 1769, d. 17 January 1843
     Rev. Vincent Edwards was born circa 1769.2 He married Jane Tindal, daughter of Robert Tindal and Sarah Pocock, on 9 December 1812 in London.3 Rev. Vincent Edwards died on 17 January 1843 probably in Broomfield, Essex, where he had been vicar for 46 years.2

Child of Rev. Vincent Edwards and Jane Tindal


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Mrs. Mary Edwin1

F, #7114, d. 30 August 1688
     A widow of Reading, Massachusetts.1 Mrs. Mary Edwin married Captain Timothy Dwight, son of John Dwight and Hannah (Unknown), on 7 January 1686/87.1 Mrs. Mary Edwin died on 30 August 1688 s.p.1


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Cora Maud Eels1

F, #7258, b. 5 October 1872, d. 26 October 1935
     Cora Maud Eels was born on 5 October 1872 in Ottawa, LaSalle County, Illinois.1,2,3 She married Clifford Everett Dana, son of William Dana and Frances Maria Nye.1 Cora Maud Eels died on 26 October 1935 in Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado, at the age of 63.3 She was buried in Green Mountain Cemetery, Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado.3

Children of Cora Maud Eels and Clifford Everett Dana


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Cynwrig Efell1

M, #11930

Child of Cynwrig Efell


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