Laura Davis

F, #22159
     Laura Davis married Thomas R. Shewell.

Child of Laura Davis and Thomas R. Shewell

Martha Laurafred Davis1

F, #21215, b. 13 September 1896, d. 1971
     Martha Laurafred Davis was born on 13 September 1896 in Pittsfield, Illinois.1 She was the daughter of Washington Beaty Davis and Eudora Olivia Hamilton.1 Martha Laurafred Davis married Frank Sewall Stroheker, son of William Henry Stroheker and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sewall, on 4 June 1917 in Houston, Texas.2 Martha Laurafred Davis died in 19713 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.3

Children of Martha Laurafred Davis and Frank Sewall Stroheker


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Mary Davis1

F, #11695
     Mary Davis married Isaac Winslow, son of Joshua Winslow and Elizabeth Savage.1

Child of Mary Davis and Isaac Winslow


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Mary Davis1

F, #12284, b. 29 April 1740, d. 8 February 1782
     Mary Davis was born on 29 April 1740 in Barnstable.2 She married Major George Lewis on 12 October 1760 in Barnstable, Massachusetts.3 Mary Davis died on 8 February 1782 at the age of 41.2

Child of Mary Davis and Major George Lewis


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Mary Davis1

F, #21974, b. 23 March 1683, d. before 1729
     Mary Davis was born on 23 March 1683.1 She married John Lowell, son of Benjamin Lowell and Ruth Woodman, circa 1707.1 Mary Davis died before 1729.1

Child of Mary Davis and John Lowell


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Mary Margaret Davis1

F, #24707, b. circa 1918
     Mary Margaret Davis was born circa 1918 in California.1 She married Joseph M. Sewall, son of Chester Allen Deveraux Sewall and Ethel Chadwick Jones, before 1940.1,2


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Matthew Thornton Davis1

M, #16478, b. January 1854, d. July 1854
     Matthew Thornton Davis was born in January 1854.1 He was the son of Dr. Charles Augustine Davis and Mary Parker Thornton.1 Matthew Thornton Davis died in July 1854.1


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Polly Davis1

F, #5622
     Polly Davis married Amaziah Wentworth, son of Samuel Wentworth and Patience Downes.1

Child of Polly Davis and Amaziah Wentworth


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Sarah Davis1

F, #4208, d. 3 June 1755
     Sarah Davis married Isaac Colby, son of Anthony Colby and Mary Currier, on 25 April 1734 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.2 Sarah Davis died on 3 June 1755.1

Child of Sarah Davis and Isaac Colby


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Sarah M. Davis1

F, #10292, b. circa 1840
     Sarah M. Davis was born circa 1840 in Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Hon. Isaac Davis and Mary H.E. (Unknown).3 Sarah M. Davis married Hon. William Sewall Gardner, son of Robert Gardner and Susan Sewall, on 29 May 1877 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.4,3

Child of Sarah M. Davis


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Solomon Davis1

M, #10769
     Solomon Davis married Elizabeth Wendell, daughter of Major John Wendell and Elizabeth Quincy, in 1750/51.1

Child of Solomon Davis and Elizabeth Wendell


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Walter G. Davis1,2

M, #10912
     Walter G. Davis married Mabel Quincy, daughter of Josiah Quincy 3rd and Helen Frances Huntington, on 4 December 1889 in Quincy, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.1,3


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Washington Beaty Davis1

M, #21217, b. 18 September 1858, d. 7 November 1933
     Washington Beaty Davis was born on 18 September 1858 in Millville, Ohio.1 He married Eudora Olivia Hamilton circa 1881.1 Washington Beaty Davis died on 7 November 1933 in Houston, Texas, at the age of 75.2

Child of Washington Beaty Davis and Eudora Olivia Hamilton


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William E. Davis1

M, #26163, b. circa 1899
     William E. Davis was born circa 1899 in Illinois.1 He married Miriam May Dana, daughter of Ernest Mortimer Dana and Florence Louise Stoffer, say 1922.1


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Zebudah Davis1

F, #5714, b. 1728, d. 1806
     Zebudah Davis was born in 1728.1 She married Jonas Whitney in 1750.1 Zebudah Davis died in 1806.1

Child of Zebudah Davis and Jonas Whitney


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Capt. Edwyn Sandys Dawes1

M, #20058, b. 14 March 1894, d. 5 February 1949
     Capt. Edwyn Sandys Dawes was baptised on 14 March 1894 at Hernhill, Kent.2 He was the son of William Charles Dawes. Capt. Edwyn Sandys Dawes married Joan Prideaux Selby, daughter of Prideaux George Selby O.B.E., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. and Elizabeth Mary Alice Eastty M.B.E., on 1 August 1917 in St. Mary's Church, Teynham, Kent.1 Capt. Edwyn Sandys Dawes died on 5 February 1949 in University College Hospital, London, at the age of 54.3,4


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Rebecca Dawes1

F, #2871
     Rebecca Dawes married Rev. William Homes, son of Robert Homes.1

Child of Rebecca Dawes and Rev. William Homes


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Rufus Dawes1

M, #14344
     Rufus Dawes married Elizabeth Eliot Cranch, daughter of Hon. William Cranch and Anna Greenleaf, in June 1829.1


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William Charles Dawes

M, #20538

Child of William Charles Dawes

Constance Ethel Crosbie Dawson1

F, #19996, b. September 1875
     Constance Ethel Crosbie Dawson's birth was registered in the quarter ending September 1875 in the Stafford registration district.1,2 She was the daughter of George James Crosbie Dawson and Catherine Webber Mackie.1


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Elizabeth Dawson

F, #24974
     Elizabeth Dawson married Basil Sewall, son of Henry Sewall.

Child of Elizabeth Dawson and Basil Sewall

George Crosby Dawson1

M, #19995, b. 3 May 1873
     George Crosby Dawson was born on 3 May 1873.1 He was the son of George James Crosbie Dawson and Catherine Webber Mackie.1


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George James Crosbie Dawson1

M, #19994, b. 30 April 1841, d. 14 June 1914
     George James Crosbie Dawson. Civil engineer.2 He was born on 30 April 1841 in Liverpool.1 He married Catherine Webber Mackie, daughter of Rev. George Mackie D.D. and Emily Anne Smith, on 7 August 1872.1 George James Crosbie Dawson died on 14 June 1914 of May Place, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, at the age of 73.3

Children of George James Crosbie Dawson and Catherine Webber Mackie


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Lura Marie Dawson

F, #25144
     Lura Marie Dawson married Richard E. Harris.

Child of Lura Marie Dawson and Richard E. Harris

Stanley Robert Dawson1

M, #24236, b. 8 September 1916, d. 9 October 1984
     Stanley Robert Dawson was born on 8 September 1916.2 He married Carolyn Sewall Whitbeck, daughter of Harry Spurr Whitbeck and Mary Burnham Sewall, in 1946 in Everett, Washington.1 Stanley Robert Dawson died on 9 October 1984 in Everett, Washington, at the age of 68.2


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Anthony B. Day

M, #25007
     Anthony B. Day married Clarinda Potter.

Child of Anthony B. Day and Clarinda Potter

Major Ezekiel Day1

M, #1022
     Major Ezekiel Day married Eunice Quinby.

Child of Major Ezekiel Day and Eunice Quinby


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Helen Day1

F, #21682, b. 21 January 1902, d. 10 April 1999
     Helen Day was born on 21 January 1902 in Providence, Rhode Island.2 She was the daughter of Anthony B. Day and Clarinda Potter. Helen Day married Carl Vance Sewall, son of Dana Oliver Sewall and Marion Evelyn Vance, on 13 February 1937.3 Helen Day died on 10 April 1999 in the Anchorage Nursing Home, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, at the age of 971,2 and is buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Wilton, Franklin County, Maine.1

Helen D. (Day) Sewall, 97, of Red Mill, Adamsville Road, died Saturday (4-10-99) in the Anchorage Nursing Home, Shelburne Falls.
She was born in Providence, R.I., Jan. 21, 1902, the daughter of Anthony B. and Clarinda (Potter) Day.
She graduated from Providence High School in 1920 and from the Rhode Island School of Design and the former Rhode Island College of Education.
Sewall was on the staff of the Providence Athenaeum Library for several years.
She was a member of the former Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church in Shelburne Falls.
Her husband, Carl V. Sewall, died in October 1990.
Survivors include two sons, Stephen D. Sewall of Colrain, and Geoffrey B. Sewall of Ledyard, Conn., a granddaughter and several nieces and nephews. Services will be private and at the convenience of the family.4


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Lucretia Day1

F, #1021, b. 1 February 1813, d. 12 April 1897
     Lucretia Day was born on 1 February 1813 in Portland, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Major Ezekiel Day and Eunice Quinby.3 Lucretia Day married Kiah Bayley Sewall, son of Rev. Samuel Sewall and Abigail Trask, on 16 May 1836 in Portland, Cumberland, Maine, the ceremony was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Vail.4,5 Lucretia Day died on 12 April 1897 in Freehold Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, at the age of 84.
She had lived in Freehold for the past fourteen years, she was an invalid and had been confined to the house most of the time she had lived there6,7 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.8

Children of Lucretia Day and Kiah Bayley Sewall


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Sarah Ann Day1

F, #24017
     Sarah Ann Day married Ezekiel Hayes Trowbridge.1


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