Maria Miller1

F, d. 1832
     Maria Miller married John Schuyler, son of Stephen Schuyler and Engeltje Van Vechten.2 Maria Miller died in 1832.2

Child of Maria Miller and John Schuyler


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Mary Jane Miller1

F, b. 1 January 1806, d. 11 August 1874
     Mary Jane Miller was born on 1 January 1806 in London.2 She was the daughter of Samuel R. Miller.1 Mary Jane Miller married Josiah Quincy, son of Hon. Josiah/3 Quincy and Elizabeth Susan Morton, on 14 December 1827.1,2 Mary Jane Miller died on 11 August 1874 in Boston, Massachusetts, at the age of 68.3

Children of Mary Jane Miller and Josiah Quincy


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Minerva Ann Miller1

F, b. 10 November 1836, d. 24 February 1925
     Minerva Ann Miller was born on 10 November 1836 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.1 She was the daughter of John B. Miller and Katherine Swogger.1 Minerva Ann Miller married Clement Singree Sewall, son of Clement Sewall and Sarah Myers.2 Minerva Ann Miller died on 24 February 1925 in N. Wilmington, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, at the age of 88.1

Children of Minerva Ann Miller and Clement Singree Sewall


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Samuel R. Miller1


Child of Samuel R. Miller


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Abigail Milliken1

F, b. 3 April 1757, d. 3 April 1825
     Abigail Milliken was born on 3 April 1757 in Boston, Massachusetts.1 She married Benjamin Chipman, son of Benjamin Chipman and Hannah Wadsworth, in 1776 in Bristol, Maine.1 Abigail Milliken died on 3 April 1825 in Poland, Maine, at the age of 68.1

Child of Abigail Milliken and Benjamin Chipman


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Joshua Milliken1

M, b. 10 April 1756, d. 27 November 1832
     Joshua Milliken was born on 10 April 1756 in Scarborough, Maine.1 He married Margaret Lord on 27 May 1778.1 Joshua Milliken died on 27 November 1832 at the age of 76.1

Child of Joshua Milliken and Margaret Lord


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Mary "Polly" Milliken1

F, b. 11 April 1790, d. 17 September 1874
     Mary "Polly" Milliken was born on 11 April 1790 in Scarborough, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Joshua Milliken and Margaret Lord.3 Mary "Polly" Milliken married Dr. Stephen Sewall, son of Jonathan Mitchell Sewall and Sarah Wood, on 8 November 1818 in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine.1 Mary "Polly" Milliken died on 17 September 1874 in Scarborough, Maine, at the age of 841 and is buried in Dunstan Cemetery, Maine.4

Children of Mary "Polly" Milliken and Dr. Stephen Sewall


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Thomas Millington1

     Thomas Millington married Catharine Wendell, daughter of Evert Jansen Wendell and Maritje Abrahamse Vosburgh, on 17 September 1699.1


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Alfred James Mills1


Child of Alfred James Mills


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Helen Mills1

     Helen Mills married Judge Charles Phelps Huntington in 1827.

Child of Helen Mills and Judge Charles Phelps Huntington


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Lillian Mills1

F, b. circa 1887
     Lillian Mills was born circa 1887.1 She was the daughter of Alfred James Mills.1 Lillian Mills married Percy Handcock Heu-de-Bourck Temple, son of Robert Handcock Temple and Rose Heudebourck, on 26 March 1913 in Toronto.1


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Mary Lydia Mills1

     Mary Lydia Mills married Moses E. Tripp.1

Child of Mary Lydia Mills and Moses E. Tripp


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Rodney L. Mills1

M, b. 1855, d. 1913
     Rodney L. Mills was born in 1855.1,2 He married Ora Maddocks, daughter of Henry Monroe Maddocks and Frances Lucinda Sewall, on 31 March 1903 in Portland, Maine.1 Rodney L. Mills died in 1913 in Maine.2


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Edith Mary Milman1

F, b. circa 1876, d. 1905
     Edith Mary Milman was born circa 1876. She married David William Alexander Crombie, son of James Crombie and Isabella Harriett Cameron, on 18 June 1903. Edith Mary Milman died in 1905 in Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia.1

Child of Edith Mary Milman and David William Alexander Crombie


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Max Ernest Minchen

     Max Ernest Minchen married Annie Isabel Scott, daughter of Robert Purdon Scott and Kate Worth, in 1911 in Mannum, South Australia.1


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George Richards Minot1

M, b. 1813, d. 1883
     George Richards Minot was born in 1813.2 He married Harriet Jackson, daughter of Dr. James Jackson and Elizabeth Cabot, in 1841.1,2 George Richards Minot died in 1883.2


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James Minot1


Child of James Minot


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James Minot1

M, b. 31 December 1628
     James Minot was born on 31 December 1628 in Saffron-Walden, Essex.1 He married Hannah Stoughton.

Child of James Minot and Hannah Stoughton


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Love Minot1

F, b. circa 1702, d. 21 October 1772
     Love Minot was born circa 1702.2 She was the daughter of James Minot.2 Love Minot married secondly Edward Flint, son of Colonel John Flint and Mary Oakes.1 Love Minot died on 21 October 1772.2


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Mehitable Minot1

F, b. 17 September 1668, d. 23 September 1738
     Mehitable Minot was born on 17 September 1668 in Dorchester, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of James Minot and Hannah Stoughton.2 Mehitable Minot married firstly Thomas Cooper on 6 March 1683 in Boston, Massachusetts.2 Mehitable Minot married secondly Hon. Peter Sergeant on 19 December 1706.2 Mehitable Minot married thirdly Hon. Simeon Stoddard on 2 May 1715.2 Mehitable Minot died on 23 September 1738 in Boston, Massachusetts, at the age of 70.2

Children of Mehitable Minot and Thomas Cooper


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Rebecca Minot

F, b. 15 May 1720, d. 8 October 1761
     Rebecca Minot was born on 15 May 1720 in Concord, Massachusetts.1 She married Benjamin Prescott, son of Rev. Benjamin Prescott and Elizabeth Higginson, on 12 August 1741 in Concord, Massachusetts.1 Rebecca Minot died on 8 October 1761 in Salem, Massachusetts, at the age of 41.1

Child of Rebecca Minot and Benjamin Prescott


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George Minto1

     George Minto. Tenant in Langside and subsequently residing at Ruletownhead.2 He married Barbara Chisholm, daughter of Mark Chisholm and Barbara Bennet, on 17 April 1752 in the Parish Church, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland.3

Children of George Minto and Barbara Chisholm


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Capt. John McDonald Minto1

M, b. say 1813, d. 2 May 1836
     Capt. John McDonald Minto. 5th Regiment Madras Native Infantry.1 He was born say 1813. He was the son of Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA and Grace Little. Capt. John McDonald Minto married Caroline Mogg Hichens on 1 January 1836 in Trichinopoly, Madras Presidency, India.2 Capt. John McDonald Minto died on 2 May 1836 in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India, after nine days illness.1


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Markie Minto1

F, b. 1755, d. 9 January 1821
     Markie Minto was born in 1755 and named after her grandfather, Mark Chisholm.1,2 She was the daughter of George Minto and Barbara Chisholm3 her name is also found spelt Marky Minto.4 Markie Minto was christened on 28 June 1755 at Southdean, Roxburgshire.5 She married William Bell, son of Robert Bell Senr. and Margaret Black, on 29 July 1774 in Southdean, Roxburgshire.6 Markie Minto died on 9 January 1821 in Lanton Place, Roxburgh.1,4 She was buried on 12 January 1821 in the Churchyard, Ancrum, 4th Row. 3rd Room. 1st Grave.7

Children of Markie Minto and William Bell


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Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA

M, b. circa 1755, d. 2 February 1827
Major William Minto
(b. 1756)
     Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA was born circa 1755 in Ruletownhead, Roxburgh, Scotland.1 He was the son of George Minto and Barbara Chisholm.2 Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA was christened on 9 December 1756 at Southdean, Roxburgshire.2 He married Grace Little on 25 November 1812 in St. Giles, Camberwell, Surrey.3 Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA made a will on 2 May 1813 leaving everything to his wife. On 17 November 1826, in a codicil he appoints his wife and Archibald Little (possibly his brother-in-law) as trustees over the sum of a thousand pounds, the income of which was to go to his wife during her life and then the principal to his nephew William Bell.
A copy of this will made by William Bell is endorsed in pencil "Coll Minto left a son (also a Coll) who died very suddenly in London in 1837 - Left a Widow but no children."4
He died on 2 February 1827 in Hans Place, London. Faulkner in his An historical and topographical description of Chelsea Vol. 2 p. 85 says that there is an inscription in the burial ground of St. Luke's Church, Chelsea "William Minto, Lieut. Colonel of the Royal Marines, February 2, 1827."5

He served in the Royal Marine Artillery and fought in the Battle of Aboukir. He was wounded. James' Naval History describes the action thus ..... Aboukir on their right flank maintained a constant and harassing discharge of large shots and shells; but the ardour of the British officers and men was not to be damped. No moment of hesitation intervened. The beach was arrived at, and a footing obtained ; the troops advanced, and the enemy was forced to relinquish all the advantageous positions he had held. The boats returned without delay for the second division ; and, before the evening of the 9th, the whole army, with a proportion of stores and provisions, was landed.
A detachment of 1000 seamen, placed under the orders of Captain Sir William Sidney Smith, formed part of the landed force. The duty of these was to drag the cannon up the heights; a service they performed with their usual alacrity and perseverance, and in which, and in disembarking the army, they sustained a loss of 22 seamen killed, three lieutenants (John Bray, George Thomas, and Francis Collins), one master's mate (Richard Ogleby), three midshipmen (John Finchley, John Donellan, and Edward Robinson, the latter mortally), and 63 seamen wounded, and three seamen missing. The loss sustained by the army, on the same occasion, amounted to four officers, four sergeants, 94 rank and file killed, 26 officers, 34 sergeants, five drummers, 450 rank and file wounded, and one officer, one sergeant, one drummer, 32 rank and file missing; making a grand total of 124 killed, 585 wounded, and 38 missing. The loss sustained by the French, when they were driven from the hill, is stated by them at 400 in killed and badly wounded; but it was believed to have exceeded that amount: they left behind them eight pieces of artillery, one of which was a 24-pounder besides a great number of horses.
On the 12th the British army moved forward, and came in sight of the French army; which, having been reinforced by a body of 4400 troops under General Lanusse, including upwards of 1000 cavalry commanded by General Bron, now amounted to about 7000 men. The French were formed upon an advantageous ridge, having their right on the canal of Alexandria, and their left towards the sea. On the following day, the 13th, a battle was fought, in which the detachment of seamen under Sir Sidney Smith, and of marines under Lieutenant-colonel Walter Smith, emulated the brave troops with whom they were associated. The British gun-boats on the lake of Aboukir, commanded by Captains Frederick Lewis Maitland and James Hillyar, were also particularly useful in annoying the right flank of the French army. At length, after a sharp struggle, the French were repulsed at all quarters, with the loss, as admitted by themselves of 750 killed and badly wounded; and the British took up a position at the village of Bedah, distant about a league from the town of Alexandria, having on their right the sea, on their left the canal of Alexandria (then dry) and Lake Madieh, and in front a sandy plain.
The loss sustained by the British in this last encounter was, on the part of the navy, one midshipman (Mr. Wright) and five seamen killed, and 19 seamen wounded; on the part of the marines, two lieutenants (Paul Hussey and John Linzee Spea), and 22 rank and file killed, one major (William Minto), one captain (Robert Torkington), two lieutenants (Richard Parry and George Peebles), two sergeants, two drummers, 27 rank and file wounded ; and on the part of the army, six officers, six sergeants, one drummer, 143 rank and file, 21 horses killed, 66 officers, one quartermaster, 61 sergeants, seven drummers, 946 rank and file, five horses wounded, and one rank and file missing; grand total, 186 killed, 1135 wounded, and one missing.
On the 18th of March the castle of Aboukir, mounted with ten guns and two heavy mortars, and garrisoned, the French say, with 300 men under chef de bataillon Vinache, after a bombardment of two days, surrendered on honourable terms to a detachment of the army under Colonel Dalhousie. Whatever may have become of the rest of the garrison, the prisoners taken did not amount to more than 150 officers and men.

Child of Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA and Grace Little


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Harold Johnson "Joel" Minton

M, b. circa 1901
     Harold Johnson "Joel" Minton was born circa 1901 in New Jersey.1 He married Helen Sewall, daughter of Dr. Millard Freeman Sewall and Helen Sidney Ditmars, on 11 April 1931? In St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Bridgeton, New Jersey.2


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Angelina Mishahun1

     Angelina Mishahun was born in Canada.1

Child of Angelina Mishahun


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Benjamin Mitchell1

M, b. 11 July 1753
     Benjamin Mitchell was born on 11 July 1753 in York, Maine.1 He was the son of John Mitchell and Lydia Sewall.1


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Daniel Mitchell1

M, b. 18 January 1757, d. 11 May 1834
     Daniel Mitchell was born on 18 January 1757 in York, Maine.2 He was the son of John Mitchell and Lydia Sewall.2 Daniel Mitchell was baptised in January 1757 at York.2 He married Sarah Titcomb, daughter of Stephen Titcomb and Abigail Stone, on 1 March 1783.1,2 Daniel Mitchell died on 11 May 1834 at the age of 77.2

Child of Daniel Mitchell and Sarah Titcomb


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Daniel Lafayette Mitchell1

     Daniel Lafayette Mitchell was the son of Stephen Mitchell and Narcissa Paul.1


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